Aligning a College to You: Athletes Wanted Free Sample Chapter

Where does a student-athlete with dreams of playing at the collegiate level begin? Every year, thousands of student-athletes get overlooked, not because they are not good enough, but because the right college coaches did not know about them.


To stop student-athletes from falling through the cracks, NCSA Athletic Recruiting's founder Chris Krause wrote Athlete’s Wanted as a total guide for student-athletes and parents to navigate the recruiting process, and a complete game plan for maximizing athletic scholarship and life potential.


Chapter 4: Aligning a College with a Student-Athlete shows student-athletes how to evaluate their own personal preferences when it comes to athletics and academics, as well as how to evaluate colleges and universities based on specific and meaningful factors. In this chapter, you will learn:

  • The importance of soliciting an objective opinion from a third-party resource outside of a student-athlete or their parent
  • The questions student-athletes should reflect on and ask themselves in order to begin narrowing down what collegiate environment will fit them best both academically and athletically
  • Proper considerations regarding the location of a college or university and whether it is right for a student-athlete
  • A complete “College Ranking Worksheet” to discover what colleges and universities are truly right in an organized and detailed way

When it comes to your recruitment, Athlete’s Wanted is a one-stop-shop for getting a wide variety of questions answered. The recruiting process is complicated, and it started yesterday. Download your free copy of Chapter 4: Aligning a College with You today and take the first step toward understanding the recruiting process and playing your sport at the next level.