Unofficial and Official Campus Visits: Athletes Wanted Free Sample Chapter

Where does a student-athlete with dreams of playing at the collegiate level begin? Every year, thousands of student-athletes get overlooked, not because they are not good enough, but because the right college coaches did not know about them.


To stop student-athletes from falling through the cracks, NCSA Athletic Recruiting's founder Chris Krause wrote Athlete’s Wanted as a total guide for student-athletes and parents to navigate the recruiting process, and a complete game plan for maximizing athletic scholarship and life potential.


Chapter 6: Unofficial and Official Visits breaks down exactly what each type of visit entails and how to prepare for either. In this chapter, you will learn:

  • What an unofficial visit is, what an official visit is, and how to schedule either one with a college coach
  • What it means to be offered an unofficial or official visit – and what either doesn’t mean
  • What college coaches are evaluating as they observe a student-athlete on a visit
  • How many unofficial and official visits a student-athlete can take, and when

When it comes to your recruitment, Athlete’s Wanted is a one-stop-shop for getting a wide variety of questions answered. The recruiting process is complicated, and it started yesterday. Download your free copy of Chapter 6: Unofficial and Official Visits today and take the first step toward understanding the recruiting process and playing your sport at the next level.