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Women's Basketball Athletic Scholarships

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Private , Rural
198 (full time undergrad)
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Tuition Out of State:
(NCCAA II) Midwest Christian College Conference (MCCC), Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA).
Welcome to the Barclay College Women's Basketball scholarship and program details page. Here you'll have access to information about the school and information on their Women's Basketball program like who to contact about recruiting, names of ... Read More

Welcome to the Barclay College Women's Basketball scholarship and program details page. Here you'll have access to information about the school and information on their Women's Basketball program like who to contact about recruiting, names of past alumni, what scholarship opportunities are available and ways to start the recruiting process.
Barclay College Women's basketball Program Recruiting and Coaching Personnel
If you're looking to get recruited it's important to understand who to get in front of - and NCSA provides the info you'll need. The Cross Country Coach of the Barclay College Women's Basketball program is Brad Lingafelter. Other major staff include:

    For anybody who is interested in becoming a part of the Barclay College Women's Basketball program they are the individuals you must get in touch with. You'll be able to choose to get in touch with them through email using the link above or call the school to get additional specifics about the school and Women's Basketball program prior to deciding if it's the right fit for you personally.
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    Athletics Information
    (NCCAA II) Midwest Christian College Conference (MCCC), Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA).
    Athletic Director:
    Ryan Kendall
    Women's Basketball Coaching Staff
    • Brad Lingafelter Cross Country Coach
    What the Coaches are Saying...
    Feb 05, 2015

    “1. How would you describe yourself as a coach? Demanding, Caring, and Loyal. I expect my ladies to put in the time and effort to learn and improve the skills we need them to master. At the same time I have grown to understand that things outside of Basketball can drive a wedge into the life of my athletes and those need to be dealt with. I will defend my girls with no reservations and ensure that people understand just what they sacrifice in order to participate in basketball at the college level. 2. What’s unique about the experience at your school? We are a small Christian school in a small town in South Central Kansas (Haviland). Some are turned off by that which is ok. This has tremendous advantages in that the gym is always open and very few distractions to keep the team from working on the skills they need to work on. Crime rate is virtually zero and you really have to work at it to find things to get in trouble. We also routinely draw more fans to our games than bigger schools because a game in Haviland is an event and people show up to cheer on the Lady Bears. 3. What do recruits need to know about you? My number one desire is that all my players leave with the skills needed to do whatever it is they desire. Academics are important and without them you cannot play here. Teamwork, loyalty, honesty, preparation, execution and commitment to excellence are all life skills I foster in the girls that play for me. These skills, while developed in an athletic context, are invaluable when entering the “real world”. They translate into no matter what you attempt to do later in life. 4. What do you look for in recruits? Shooting, Bball IQ and aggressiveness. Bball is a game in which you have to put the ball in the hole so the ability to shoot it is extremely important. Bball IQ is extremely important as well because the difference in athleticism is usually not that great at this level. Those who gain the advantages are out thinking the opposition. Finally aggressiveness is important for 2 reasons. One, I demand a high energy, get after it brand of defense. If you are not aggressive, you will fall behind. Two, I would much rather have to reign someone in then try and fire them up all the time. 5. What is the one thing every recruit needs to do with the recruiting process? Contact me either by phone or email. From there I can set up opportunities for visits whether it be the recruit comes to see us or I come to see them play. I need very little time to determine whether the skill set is there to play at our level. I am not a big fan of highlight tapes. Those are ok, but I would rather watch a whole game. I like to see what happens when a player makes a mistake and how they respond to it. 6. What sort of questions do you really like to hear from recruits? I like it when a recruit takes control of a recruiting conversation. Asking me questions about things “they” want to know about. Take ownership in your recruitment. “What will your expectations of me be?” or “What do you like to do offensively or defensively?” These are great questions. I also love it when they are looking at the academics side of the equation. The most important thing we do at Barclay College is on the academic side. 7. What turns you off when you’re recruiting a student athlete? One word answers to questions and just an overall impression that I am wasting their time. If an athlete has no interest than there is no need for me to waste your time. I also want to hear about interests other than basketball, especially academic. I know some coaches out there want to only hear about basketball because that is all they care about. I care about each of my ladies that stretch far beyond basketball. Do not wrap your identity up in only basketball. 8. What do you think your program is the most successful at? Graduating players, playing hard and building relationships that carries on well after the roar of the crowd dies down. This is a family. 9. Why should a recruit consider your program? Playing basketball in college is a privilege and not a right. The girls that come here and commit to doing things hard, and to the best of their ability will blossom athletically as well as mature in areas that will allow them to be successful in whatever they desire to do. I want to see successful professionals that leave my program with the ability to not just succeed, but also excel in the path they choose to take. 10. If a recruit is interested in your program, how should they reach out to you? Contact me by phone or email. My cell number is 316 293-9979 and my email address is They can also fill out an athletic questionnaire at:”

    —Coach Brad Lingafelter
    Women's Basketball Academic Minimums
    • GPA: 2.5 (out of 4.0)
    • SAT: 800 (out of 1600)
    • ACT: 18 (out of 36)
    • Height: 65
    Sports Offered
    • Men's Basketball
    • Men's Soccer
    • Men's Track
    • Women's Basketball
    • Women's Track
    • Women's Volleyball
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    Barclay College Information Provided by College Prowler
    Admissions Contact Info
    Admissions Toll Free Phone:
    (800) 862-0226
    Admissions Phone:
    (800) 862-0226
    Admissions Email:
    Academic Requirements
    Academic Selectivity:
    Least Selective
    Religious Requirements:
    Specific Religious Requirements:
    Application Information
    Application Deadline:
    Application Deadline Date:
    Application Final Date:
    Application Priority Date:
    Notification Date:
    Rolling Admissions:
    Early Action:
    Early Action Closing Date:
    Early Decision:
    Early Decision Deadline:
    Common Application:
    Student Body Averages
    Average Freshman GPA:
    Average ACT Composite:
    Average ACT English:
    Average ACT Math:
    Average ACT Writing:
    ACT 25th Percentile:
    ACT 75th Percentile:
    Average SAT 1 Combined:
    Average SAT 1 Math:
    Average SAT 1 Verbal:
    SAT 25th Percentile:
    SAT 75th Percentile:
    SAT 2 Requirements:
      Most Popular Majors:
    • Psychology, Music, Youth Ministry
      Pre-Professional Programs:
      Other Pre-Professional Programs:
      Combined 3-2 Programs:
      Majors Offered:
    • Business Management,
    • Clinical Psychology and Counseling,
    • Liberal Arts and Humanities,
    • Teaching,
    • Theology and Religious Vocations,
    Barclay College Information Provided by College Prowler
    City/Town Situated In:
    Haviland, KS
    Major City Closest To School:
    Pratt, KS
    Distance Of Major City:
    20 Miles
    Closest International Airport:
    Distance To International Airport:
    100 Miles
    Closest Other Airport:
    Dodge City, SK
    Distance To Other Airport:
    75 Miles
    Location Description:

    17-acre rural campus in Haviland (population: 612), 100 miles from Wichita.

    African American:
    Asian American:
    Student Faculty Ratio:
    Out State Freshmen:
    Campus Size:
    17 acres
    Campus Life
    Freshmen In School Housing:
    Students Live On Campus:
    Students Live Off Campus:
    Students Live On Campus During Weekends:
    Housing Types:
    Fraternities & Sororities
    Fraternities & Sororities:
    Number Of Fraternities:
    Number Of Sororities:
    Join Fraternities:
    Join Sororities:
    Air Force ROTC:
    Navy ROTC:
    Not Offered
    Army ROTC:
    Not Offered
    Barclay College Information Provided by College Prowler
    Financial Aid
    Financial Aid Toll Free Number:
    Financial Aid Phone:
    (800) 862-0226
    Financial Aid Email:
    Aid Notification Date:
    April 1
    Financial Aid Forms:
    Tuition Instate:
    Tuition Out of State:
    Room & Board:
    Average Debt On Graduation:
    Scholarship Numbers
    FTF = First Time Freshmen
    FTU = Full Time Undergraduate
    Average Non-Need Based Athletic Grant and Scholarship Amount:
    FTF :$0
    FTU : $0
    Number of Students Who Received Non-Need Based Athletic Grants and Scholarships:
    FTF :0
    FTU : 0
    Average Non-Need Based Scholarship or Grant Amount:
    FTF :$11,000
    FTU : $10,831
    Average Need-Based Loan Amount:
    FTF :$3,170
    FTU : $3,954
    Average Need-Based-Self-Help-Award Amount:
    FTF :$3,507
    FTU : $4,429
    Average Need-Based Scholarship or Grant Amount:
    FTF :$3,706
    FTU : $4,344
    Average Financial Aid Package:
    FTF :$15,264
    FTU : $15,402
    Average Percentage Of Need Met (Based on EFC):
    FTF :57%
    FTU : 63%
    Barclay College Information Provided by College Prowler
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