From Rocky Top to Rockier Top… Feb11


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From Rocky Top to Rockier Top…

 Last week, Lane Kiffin was left looking foolish after falsely accusing Florida Coach Urban Meyer of cheating.  In what I am sure Tennessee fans are hoping is not a trend, Kiffin was made a fool once again this week.

The Volunteers have reported two secondary infractions that occurred when recruits came to Knoxville for official visits in January.  The first violation involved a fog machine that was used during a recruit’s visit to Neyland Stadium.  The second involved a number of prospects who took part in a mock press conference at the media center inside the stadium.Lane Kiffin

While neither violation seems very serious, and in comparison with other recruiting violation horror stories (think drugs, booze, and women), both are harmless, it does reinforce how confusing the NCAA rules and regulations can be.  I am sure none of the recruits felt they were breaking any rules when answering fake questions in front of a non-existent audience during a mock press conference…

I said it last week, and I will say it again this week, the recruiting process is confusing.  DI college coaches who go through recruiting every year are not even sure where the lines are drawn in certain situations so how can families who go through the process once be expected to? 

Make sure you have someone on your side who can guide you through every step to make sure you avoid that evil fog machine…