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The Golf Recruiting Climate

Do I have to play in a warm weather climate? What a great question for future collegiate golfers.  Of course it is very attractive to play in a climate where you can play anytime you want but how much of an impact should it have on your college decision? One thing to keep in mind is that most golfers want to head south or west to compete at the next level and this allows the schools to be extremely selective of who they will recruit. Let’s look at things from a different side.  Playing in a cold climate should allow you to focus on your academics as playing golf should be your 2nd priority.  An unforgettable moment that usually happens at cold climate schools are the spring trips that often head down south or out west.  Spending a week with your team is a great bonding experience and a time that you will never forget. Often men and women teams travel together and it really is able to bring out the golf family at the college.  These trips allow the teams to enjoy the weather and overall experience since warm weather schools don’t need to go on these trips.  Friendships and memories last a lifetime and often are established on these trips.  Golf is a distant 2nd to education and weather is something that should have a minor impact on your school selection as you are looking at the total package and not just golf.

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Aaron Sorenson