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Ask Coach Taylor – When Should I Send College Coaches Information

Coach Taylor – My son is a freshman in high school and is starting freshman and jv football.  When should I start giving colleges a summary on how he  is doing statistically and how should I go about it?

It is never too early to start thinking about recruiting. Your son should start building his scouting report, researching schools and educating himself about the recruiting process right away if he has not already done so. Generally, college football coaches will only evaluate players with varsity experience however there are some exceptions. By properly preparing for the recruiting process now, your son will set himself up for success so he can have a head start as soon as coaches are ready to evaluate him.

Remember that if you send the college coaches information about your son prematurely, it might eliminate his name from their list.  Once you have recieved an objective evaluation that indicates your son qualifies for a school, I encourage you to send an online recruiting resume to the coach through email and follow up with a call.

If you have any recruiting questions, send them to askcoachtaylor@ncsasports.org

To speak with a NCSA Recruiting Coordinator live, call 866-579-6272 or click here.