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Ask Coach Taylor – I had heard of some people ‘trying out’ for team in college. How do I find out if my school does that?

Coach Taylor, I had heard of some people ‘trying out’ for team in college.  How do I find out if my school does that?

Great question!  This is actually a question that seems to come up a lot among high school students.  There are no ‘tryouts’ at the Division I or Division III levels. At the Division I and III levels, Coaches are allowed to invite athletes to attend a few practices with the team to see if they are interested in allowing the student to be a walk-on on their team.  If you are interested in doing this, you must contact the coach directly, because they will not just hold an open or public tryout.

There are, however, tryouts at the Division II level, and here are some of the rules:

    • The tryout is held on campus or at a site which is normally conducts practice or competition.
    • Cannot exceed 2 hours in length
    • One tryout per prospect
    • Medical examination is permitted to be part of the tryout
    • Must be a senior and have completed your sport season or are in a season other than the “traditional” sport season
    • The tryout may include tests to evaluate the prospect’s strength, speed, agility and sport skills.
    • Competition is permissible against the member institution’s team in a tryout except in the sports of football, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer and wrestling.
    • In the sport of football, the prospects shall not wear helmets or pads.
    • During the academic year, competition is permissible against the member institution’s team in a tryout.
    • You must have your high school athletics director’s approval in writing.
    • The prospect or (if under age 18) the prospect’s parent (s) must sign a waiver absolving the institution of any and all responsibility should an injury occur.
    • An institution may provide clothing and equipment to a prospect if it is returned at the conclusion of the tryout.


You can always send your recruiting questions to

You can also get your questions answered directly by contacting an NCSA Recruiting Coordinator at 866-579-6272

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  • Actually in Georgia, soccer tryouts are commonplace at the junior college level. My daughter is a junior in high school and has tried out at a couple of schools. It is my understanding that my daughter can verbally commit but the coach can’t make a firm offer until her senior year. Coach Taylor, I rarely see comments from the NCSA regarding junior colleges and the NJCAA. It is a great alternative to the traditional NCAA programs. Your thoughts?