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When Should I Send my Recruiting Highlight Video?

Many athletes are not sure when the best time is to send out a recruiting highlight video to college coaches.  Athletes are always eager to get recruited, but you don’t want to turn off an entire coaching staff by showing film that doesn’t showcase their talent in the best light.

The first rule of thumb is to hold off on sending highlights to any schools until you have varsity footage.  Recruits NEED TO START AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, but until you are on varsity your focus needs to be on building relationships and getting educated.   That said, don’t wait too long before sending footage.  Waiting until after your season is over can be way too late.  As soon as you can wow a coach with the first few minutes of highlights it is time to get them footage.

Once a coach has your first highlight tape it’s important to have a full-game ready.  Coaches use highlights to determine if a recruit makes their priority lists, but they use full games to really make a true evaluation.  As you progress as an athlete its important to keep updating coaches with fresh footage to ensure you stay on their recruiting board.

The final piece to the puzzle is making sure your video gets in the hands of the right college coaches.  Coaching staffs usually divide recruits by position and region.  If your video ends up in the wrong inbox from a random mailing address it is likely to end up in the garbage.

The key to getting your video evaluated by the right coaches is to have it delivered to hundreds of schools by a reliable source that coaches trust.   Without a filter (like the NCSA Network) coaches don’t have the time to filter through the hundreds (if not thousands) of videos that show up.

So get your video ready as soon as possible and get it into the hands of the right coaches!

(You can plug in to the NCSA network for free  HERE and learn how we can deliver your video to the right schools)

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