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The Difference Between Verified and Unverified

What is the difference between verified and unverified information? And what does verified information mean?

College coaches evaluate recruits based on athletic and academic ability as well as personality and character. That much we all know. But, what you may not realize is that coaches are looking for verified statistics and information. This means that you can send a coach your statistics, measurables and GPA or SAT/ACT scores, but he’s not going to know if those numbers are accurate. This is an example of an unverified athlete.

Verified athletes, on the other hand, can offer college coaches their verified statistics and academic information and can guarantee that the information is correct. College coaches are much more likely to look at verified athletes and recruit them over unverified athletes. Why? And how do you get verified?

There are several ways to get verified, but here are the top two ways. First, camps and combines offer a variety of tests in which student-athletes can get accurate stats on their measurables that they want to report to college coaches. Coaches trust that the professionals who run camps and combines for high school athletes are reporting precise and accurate numbers.

The other most popular way to get verified is to join an online network that verifies your information. The NCSA Athletic Recruiting Network verifies every member who joins the network and college coaches use them as a trusted source.

College coaches trust sites like NCSA Athletic Recruiting because they know athletes can’t embellish stats in order to make themselves look more appealing to coaches. It’s very frustrating for college coaches to start heavily recruiting a student-athlete only to find out later that the reported stats were incorrect through obtaining your official transcript or meeting you in person and realizing you are not 6’2’’. Verified information saves college coaches that headache.

If you want to get verified by NCSA Athletic Recruiting and start getting recruited by college coaches, start your NCSA Athletic Recruiting profile or call 866-495-7727.

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