7 Things You Should Never Say to Your High School Coach


With the popularity of another blog entitled 10 Things You Should Never Say to a College Coach, I received some comments from people wanting a similar post about what you should never say to your high school coach.

1.        “It’s your job to get me recruited, so why aren’t you helping me?”

It is a common myth that all high school coaches are responsible for helping their student-athletes get recruited. Unfortunately, most high school coaches just don’t have the time with their own responsibilities and families. Student-athletes need to start taking recruiting into their own hands and get proactive with reaching out to college coaches on their own.

2.       “ I want more playing time”

Coaches know that everyone on the team wants to play every minute of every game. However, it’s just not possible. So, work harder and show that you deserve more playing time. But, don’t forget that there are other student-athletes on the team who also deserve a chance

3.       Tell your coach how to run the team

Your coach has been around the sport a lot longer than you have, so give him the credit and respect he deserves. However, your coach can’t see anything, especially if you play a large team sport. So, communicate with him, let him know what you’re observing and make suggestions. Just don’t assume you know more than your coach!

4.       Excuses

Telling your coach that something is too hard or that you can’t run one more lap is inexcusable. The best athletes push for one more rep, one more minute, one more lap to gain one more moment of glory. Take after the best and just make it happen…no excuses!

5.       “$&*!”

You wouldn’t swear in front of you grandma, so show your coach and your teammates the same respect. Making it a habit not to swear during practices will make it easier to keep it clean during competitions in which college coaches might be in the stands observing you.

6.       Blame your teammates

Take responsibility for your faults. Even if an error was someone else’s fault, don’t point the finger. Coaches like to see players who are leaders and are respectful to their teammates. Remember, college coaches will be asking your high school coach about you, so your actions in high school will affect your future.

7.       “I’m sorry for being late”

Instead, don’t be late!

If you haven’t read the 10 Things You Should Never Say to a College Coach, be sure to read that next! Then, call a collegiate scout at 866-495-7727 to discuss proper ways to communicate with coaches and how NCSA Athletic Recruiting can help you with your recruiting. Remember, your high school coach isn’t going to do it for you, so click here now to get started on your free athletic profile!


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