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Heartbleed’s Effect on NCSA Athletic Recruiting


Last week, a major security flaw known as “Heartbleed” was detected in OpenSSL, the open-source encryption standard used by the majority of websites and services. Heart­bleed affected an estimated 66% of all websites, NCSA has taken the proper steps to eliminate any potential vulnerability to our site.

Our Team’s Response

  1. The NCSA Development Team patched the vulnerability within hours of the announcement
  2. NCSA has requested new server certificates as an extra precaution. This will ensure that your information will be shared with our servers and only our servers.
  3. All of NCSA’s product suite have been tested and verified secure.

What you should do?

We have no evidence of any malicious behavior, but we strongly encourage you to change your NCSA password (Athletes Click Here and Coaches Click Here). We also recommend you change your passwords everywhere else, since this vulnerability affects many services and websites you use.

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