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How Do You Prepare for National Signing Day?

audience claps as they prepare for national signing day

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The word of the day is preparation.

(First of all, preparing for more and more winter. Chicago Blizzard + Groundhog Phil predicting more winter = Major snow angel instagram pictures coming your way from the NCSA Athletic Recruiting team.)

But seriously. Around the country, seniors are preparing for the biggest day in recruiting: National Signing Day. We’ll be tracking the celebration with #ISignedToday, and we want to make sure you’re ready to go, too.

How you can prepare for National Signing Day

If you’re supporting a senior signing on Wednesday as a friend, family member or future fan, check out these 9 tips to prepare for the celebration. My favorite, after seeing many gaffs to the contrary (poor guy), is #1.

Even if you’re not playing a sport that signs on National Signing Day, you can’t avoid training and planning for the end of the college recruiting tunnel. No one knows that better than Kate Murphy, who’s on Twitter @katethemurphy, who is currently killing it as a leading sophomore in the indoor 1600 and 3200. She went out and shoveled the entire track so she could work out.

I can’t say it better than the Huffington Post’s headline: “High School Runner Shovels Track After Blizzard, Proves There’s No Excuse For Slacking.

So. How are you preparing?

We’re commemorating high school student-athletes’ triumphs this Signing Day. Keep track of the celebration on Twitter and Instagram #ISignedToday, and get in on the action with a free pen we’ll ship directly to you so you can practice your John Hancock.

Get that free pen. Get it.

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