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The Packaged Deal Share Their Tips for Softball Recruiting: Part 1

jen and katie schroeder of the packaged deal filming with ncsa about softball recruiting

We wrote earlier on this blog about our video shoot with The Packaged Deal.

And we’re pleased to share that after some amazing work from our post-production team, we’ll be sharing a series of videos from all four members of The Packaged Deal about their top tips for softball recruiting over the next few weeks.

Today, Jen and Katie Schroeder, both UCLA alumnae, share their insights on hard work.

Hard work is crucial for college softball recruiting.

“What work are you putting in? You didn’t perform on Saturday. What work are you going to put in this week? Hard work is going to allow you to go wherever you want to go or achieve whatever you want to achieve. To become whatever you want to become. Tweet this!

“I want to give kids the idea that they can have anything they want in life. Whether that comes from sports or not, be passionate about what you’re doing. If you’re passionate about anything you’re doing, you’re going to succeed.” Tweet this!

Check out the video below:

What do you think? How have you overcome obstacles in your recruiting through your hard work? We’d love to hear your stories, and help you play in college.

And stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3.

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