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Walk Tall: The Packaged Deal’s Tips for Softball Recruiting, Part 2

morgan stuart of the packaged deal goes on camera to tell her tips for softball recruiting

This is part of a series where our partners, The Packaged Deal, discuss their top tips for softball recruiting, and how to become better softball players, sisters, daughters, people. You can find Part 1, where Jen and Katie Schroeder talked about the role hard work plays in the game, here, and Part 3, where Amanda Scarborough talks about determination, here.

This week, Morgan Stuart, who played for the Washington Huskies and for Team Philippines at the World Cup of Softball IX, talks about how important the mental aspect of the game is, and how every softball player needs confidence.
morgan stuart exudes confidence on camera

One of the best tips for softball recruiting is to believe in yourself.

“It’s so mental. It’s all about how you believe in yourself and the confidence you have in yourself.” —Tweet this!Tweet:

Check out Morgan’s video below:

“Walking like you’re confident. Your body says it. Your eyes say it. Your actions say it.” —Tweet this!Tweet:

How do you practice your confidence? Or is it something you’re still working on? We’re always here to help you believe in yourself, and figure out what you need to do to play at the next level.

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