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Britt Pascale Describes A Career For College Softball Champions


This is part of our series highlighting employees at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. You can see other members of our team talk about how they give back to their fellow lacrosse players or their chess grandmastership. Masterhood? I don’t know. I just made that word up right now.

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This week, I threw a pen at Britt Pascale, our director of training and development, while she was making copies, and got her to talk to me about a career for college softball champions just like her. OK, so she really came over to tell me to knock it off. But still. We talked.

You’re pretty popular around the office. Has that always been the case?

I was my high school class president.

Fancy pants! Is that leadership something you brought to college softball at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln?

I was the captain of my college softball team – GO BIG RED!

What kind of mark has softball left on you?

Well, I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries.

britt-pascale-pgf-natl Britt with fellow NCSA Athletic Recruiting team members at the 2014 PGF National Championships U14 & U16

Switching gears. I’ve seen some amazing baby pictures around the office they told me I should ask you about?

I have a godson named PJ and a beautiful niece named Payton!

Do you have a lot of siblings?

I have 2 sisters – I’m the middle child.

Since your college softball days, how are you able to stay in fighting shape?

Crossfit is a big part of my life. I enjoy doing crossfit competitions.

What are your proudest athletic achievements?

I’ve won a high school state championship as a coach and a player, and I’ve won conference title as a DI college coach.

Last question. What’s something we wouldn’t know immediately about you just by looking at you?

Two things. My dad owns the pizza restaurants, Aurelio’s. And I used to have a pretty awesome haircut — britt-pascale-haircut

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