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How Will You Handle the NCAA’s Rule Change About Coaches Texting Athletes?


Who are the people you text most often? A couple of best friends about that terrible Spanish homework you just can’t figure out? Your parents? Maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Starting April 28, it just might be college coaches.

The NCAA allows college coaches to text student-athletes

Although texting between college coaches and student-athletes had previously been banned, the NCAA will now allow coaches to text prospective recruits an unlimited amount — after the fall of the prospect’s junior year. Learn more about ways you can manage contact with college caoches all in one place.

Not everyone is happy about the NCAA change about a coach texting athletes

Ohio State’s Urban Meyer told USAToday that he’s not sure the change, which could result in high school players feeling inundated by all the texts, is such a good idea:

“Some intern is going to be punching text messages on your phone, and maybe you can block numbers and all that, but that’s just too hard, right? Because it’s easier on coaches?”

However, he recognizes that it might be the NCAA recognizing its own limits about a coach texting athletes. “Maybe it’s easier for the enforcement because people are doing it, but it just doesn’t make sense,” Meyer said.

Similarly, Nate Gerry, Nebraska’s senior safety, the Lincoln Star Journal that this rule won’t help high school student-athletes:

“I think a lot of these kids are kind of getting overwhelmed with the whole social media thing as it is. I think a lot of kids are worrying about too much when they just need to worry about doing their own job, working hard and getting bigger, faster and stronger.”

What high school student-athletes should remember about texting college coaches

It’s great to have coaches at your fingertips. Let’s not deny the possibilities of having a conversation with a coach, or how exciting it would be to hear from them.

But just as you need to be responsible in the way you present yourself on social media, and always need to be respectful of college coaches, remember that there’s no taking back a poorly phrased text. Or retrieving a joke you meant to text to a friend — but actually sent to a coach.

Here are the 3 traits college coaches are looking for in their recruits.

Will you know how to reply to a coach’s texts?

Think you’re palms got sweaty when you started texting your crush? I’m not trying to alarm you here, but will you know what to say to impress a college coach over text message? What will make you stand out — in only the best ways?

We can tips and strategies so you’ll know how to talk to college coaches the right way, every time.

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