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Everything You Need To Know About Calling College Coaches

Calling Coaches

Getting past the barrier of calling college coaches is one of the largest hurdles high school student-athletes face.

We get it. In the video below, Jaimie Duffek, a former Division I softball player and veteran head recruiting coach at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, talks about how even she prefers being able to text and email over contacting college coaches on the phone.

But calling college coaches is so important to recruiting.

Check out the recording of our Facebook Live video below to learn Jaimie’s top tips about preparing for and actually calling college coaches.

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Why is calling college coaches so important?

Learning how to talk to college coaches is particularly important for rising juniors at this time of year, as Division II coaches can contact recruits as of June 15.

If you haven’t been getting the contact you want from coaches, taking a proactive approach can make a huge difference.

And it will set you apart; 86 percent of college coaches only get 7 calls — or less! — a week from student-athletes.

Just be sure you’re ready for calling a college coach:

  1. It’s a lot easier to call a coach if you’ve already emailed with them — rather than cold calling a coach you’ve never spoken to before.
  2. Lay out a plan of what you want to say ahead of time.
  3. Write bullets about what you want to accomplish: learning more about the program, what the coach hopes from their prospects, or where you stand in the recruiting timeline.
  4. Be prepared to introduce yourself briefly, whether you’re speaking to the coach directly, or on a voicemail.
  5. Many coaches are restricted in the ways they can contact student-athletes by NCAA regulations. Talk to your high school or club coach before you call to see if they would be willing to speak on your behalf to the coach, and then leave their number when you reach out.

Learn even more about calling college coaches here.

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