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5 health benefits of running in the Boston Marathon

(Flickr – Tom Thai) Today thousands of people of all ages, shapes and sizes will run the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston, Massachusetts. While that much running may sound like punishment to many, the participants in

Where Do You Rank Against NFL Pros and DI Football Players?

Where do you rank against top football players? Check out this infographic to see how your measurables compare.

Here’s What To Do If You Didn’t Sign Today

Recruiting expert Julian Jenkins explains what to do if you didn't sign on National Signing Day so you can still play your sport in college.

Learn What Makes This Olympic Trialist Perform Her Best

Join Olympic trialist Tania Archer - a University of Alabama women's track alumna - to learn about setting star goals and staying motivated.

How The Chicago Sky Is Helping NCSA Teach Basketball Recruiting

Chicago Sky and NCSA Athletic Recruiting are teaming up to help student-athletes and their families learna bout basketball recruiting.

Show Off Your Athletic Skills: Social Media Roundup

This week's social media roundup shows off all of your athletic skills. We're like proud sports moms over here.

Why So Crazy? On Youth Sports Parents Behaving Badly

Are you a crazy sports parent? You might be, even if you're not youth sports parents behaving badly. Here's how.

What College Coaches Look For In Athletes: Part III

(Flickr – Luke Jones) We’re almost at the end of our A-Z of what college coaches look for in athletes. You can check out part 1 (Academics – Game Plan) and part 2 (Hitting the Gym –

How Do College Athletes Balance Practice and Class?

Tennis alumni answer reveal how they stayed on top of their game.

Join the conversation with recruiting expert, Coach Taylor, Thursday, November 6th at 8PM (Central)

NCSA Athletic Recruiting welcomes prospective college football players and their families to join a live chat room with Coach Randy Taylor on Thursday, November 6th at 8PM (Central). The topic for this week is how college coaches