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Are You Ready for High School Free Agents?

(Flickr – Daniel Lewis) The state of Florida recently passed school choice legislation that has serious ramifications for student-athletes. Buried in House Bill 7029 is a provision which essentially creates high school free agents. If this bill

Why Did Three Four Star Recruits Choose to Commit To A School Like Harvard?

Why student-athletes choose to commit to a school over others is a complicated process. You should chooes to commit to the right fit.

This Coach’s Motivational Quotes Will Help Your Recruiting

UConn's Kevin Ollie is a coach known for his motivational quotes. Here's why that matters for your college basketball recruiting journey.

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Going Going Back Back to Cal with NBA Veteran Lamond Murray Part I

NBA Veteran and Father Talks Michael Jordan, Recruiting and Video Games I recently had an opportunity to interview 10 year NBA veteran Lamond Murray about what he has learned about basketball and recruiting having gone through the

UConn post season ban, Title IX and BCS playoffs in today’s top news

Connecticut banned from NCAA men’s basketball tournament The NCAA’s new academic requirements could give new meaning to the madness of March. On Wednesday, three-time national champion Connecticut and nine other men’s basketball teams were banned from the

Statistical Anomaly

Attending combines and getting verified measurements can be extremely beneficial to recruits. Coaches love to see metrics on players to help with their evaluation process.  But remember that ultimately coaches still want players who can succeed at

One More Reason to Consider Division III

There are a lot of reasons athletes end up playing collegiate sports at the Division III level.  Not being competitive is not one of them.  The New York Times profiled the men’s and women’s basketball teams at

Jane Prince is Someone You Need to Listen to

 Former Recruiting Coordinator at Notre Dame and University of Michigan and current NCSA Speaker, Bob Chmiel, recently presented a Recruiting 101 Seminar at Owensboro High School in Kentucky.  Senior Guidance Counselor from Owensboro, Jane Prince, played a