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Softball Recruiting Tips from D1 2014 Commit

Something very special about NCSA is how often families share their success stories with us and want to share their own recruiting tips from experience with other student athletes. The following is written by Hannah Chew who recently

No excuses! Former SEC Player Says Don’t Make the Mistakes he Made

Finish! That’s the message former high school star Ellery Moore has for athletes today. Ellery and I spoke to athletes and parents at the Schuman National Underclassmen Combine in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend. NCSA provides recruiting

Amanda Scarborough on the Benefits of Experience

This week we are lucky to have the chance to share an article by Amanda Scarborough. Amanda is a former Texas A&M softball player, ESPN softball analyst, coach, and motivational speaker. I came across her amazing content

College Athletic Recruiting Tip of the Day

If a student-athlete receives admissions material and brochures he should research every institution that sends him information. If he/she has any interest at all in a college, he should: 1. Search the college’s website and see if

April College Recruiting Tips & Alerts

Recruiting Rule Alert Are you aware of the definition of a ‘prospective student-athlete’ or how early athletes are considered recruitable athletes? For purposes of the tryouts rules, the NCAA defines a prospect as: - Definition of

Inaugural Athleader All-American Team

NCSA’s Athleader All-American Team has officially taken off, and the inaugural team is filled with some of the most well-rounded student athletes in all of collegiate athletics. Eight players from across all levels of college sports have

Late Blooming Athletes: Take Care of What You Can Control

Ever since I can remember I wanted to play sports.  My love for sports continued to grow through elementary school when I was able to excel in gym class and on some of my first sports leagues. 

Proud to be a Former D3 Athlete

I was fortunate enough to start off my college athletic career at a great academic institution, Lawrence University.  There were many reason why Lawrence University stood out to me as I weighed my options to continue my

5 Things to Do Over Thanksgiving Break to Get Ahead in the Recruiting Process

Thanksgiving is the time where people gather around over great food, great company, and great conversations. It’s the start of the holiday season and the time when families are able to take time away from their busy lives

One Sport vs Multi-Sport Athlete

A huge dilemma with student-athletes today is whether to be a mulit-sport athlete or to just concentrate on one. Many kids grow up playing multiple sports, but usually narrow it down to just a couple when it comes to