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Advice From Parents In Recruiting

We tell athletes all the time: You're not in it alone. But parents aren't in it alone, either. Here's top advice from parents in recruiting.

What You Should Know About Junior Hockey

Head hockey recruiting coach Drew Palmisano describes what you should know about junior hockey, and why it might be the right choice for you.

When Can College Coaches Contact Division I Players In July?

Guidelines for how college coaches contact prospective recruits can be confusing. We've broken it down for July so you don't have to.

3 Top Pieces of Advice From Student-Athletes Graduating This Year

When it comes to feedback about recruiting, we've heard it all. Here's the top advice from student-athletes how to play in college.

Why I Chose to Play Division III Baseball Over Division I Football

Head Baseball Recruiting Coach Ray Napientek describes why he chose to play Division III baseball over Division I football in college.

Top Football Recruiting Questions Answered

National recruiting expert and former coach Bob Chmiel answers the top football recruiting questions he often hears from families.

How I Got To Play Division I Baseball

Adam Nemo, a former college athlete, describes how he got to play Division I baseball at Ohio State University through his dedication.

Using A Scholarship Search Tool To Find The Right College

When you want to play college sports, a scholarship search tool can help you narrow down among division, public vs. private, and more.

How College Athletic Recruiting Has Changed: Our Founder Weighs In

Our founder, Chris Krause, recently answered how college athletic recruiting has changed. Hear the interview, or read a transcript, here.

How Athletes Meet Academic Requirements in the NCAA

There's a lot of pressure on athletes to succeed at their sport. But there are also programs to help them meet academic requirements.