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What I Learned From My College Football Recruiting Journey

Johnny Mago describes how he confronted and realigned his expectations for college football recruiting and became First Team All-American.

Why A Game Plan Is Paramount to Basketball Recruiting

It's not enough to just play and go to games and exposure events. Create a game plan to get ahead in college basketball recruiting.

3 Myths About Athletic Scholarships

It’s important to pierce the confusing cloud of college finances and think strategically to find the best resources for you and your family. Let's dispel some of the top misconceptions we often hear from athletes who are

5 Top Takeaways about College Recruiting

If you missed Coach Taylor's live chat last week, don't worry: here are five of the top takeaways from the chat.

Softball Recruiting Tips from D1 2014 Commit

Something very special about NCSA is how often families share their success stories with us and want to share their own recruiting tips from experience with other student athletes. The following is written by Hannah Chew who recently

Division 1 Isn’t the Only Option

It is important for those going through recruiting to know that there are outstanding players and competition at every level of college sports, and that young people can reach their dream of the pro’s by coming up

Transition Time in College Football

When the Division I college football season comes to a close it’s fun to reflect on the great plays of the year  the disappointing teams, and the players that stood out. These days the end of football

Beyond D1 In Baseball

By: Patrick Starck Many athletes get caught up in seeing the bright lights shined on sports such as football and basketball and assume that is how things work for baseball as well. Not exactly. Baseball is a

Advice from an NCSA D1 Committed Baseball Student-Athlete to UC, Davis

This week Spencer Sundahl signed his National Letter of Intent with the University of California, Davis and he had some thoughts on how to help recruits in the future: How did NCSA help you during this process?

Recent D1 athletes reveal what they learned in recruiting that can help you

One of the things I like to do here is let recent college athletes reflect on their recruiting experience, since it wasn’t that long ago that they were going what you are now. Former Butler University soccer