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Aaron Rodgers Dominated Jeopardy. You Should Dominate the NCAA Eligibility Center Requirements. Duh.

Aaron Rodgers's perseverance is a lesson to athletes, whether you're working toward NCAA Eligibility Center requirements or on the field.

Can High School Hockey Players Go Straight to Division I Hockey?

The recruiting process is always confusing, but even more so when many Division I hockey players start in prep school. What gives?

Fill Out Your March Madness Bracket With NCSA

You could win some awesome prizes in the March Madness bracket NCSA Athletic Recruiting is sponsoring. Check it out.

Finding Guidelines To Get To College For Sports

The new NCAA website makes it easier than ever before to learn the guidelines to get to college for your sport.

9 Recruiting Insights From A Former Big Ten And Professional Athlete

Carmen Bucci, former Big 10 athlete and player for the San Diego Padres, reveals 9 recruiting insights for parents he shares with families.

In The Wake Of The News: What Will Happen to UAB Players?

Following the upsetting news that UAB will be closing its football program, we want to know: What will happen to UAB players?

We Are Pumped For The NCAA Volleyball Tournament

We are getting pumped up for the 2014 NCAA Volleyball Tournament. Are you? Here's where to start if you need help figuring out the game.

How College Athletes Eat For Free

Since the NCAA changed its rule about incidental meals in April, college student-athletes are able to train better, and harder, because of the new meal options available to them.

Why I Chose A DIII Baseball Program Over DI and DII Opportunities

Ed. Note: We recently wrote about three signs you might not be a DI player, and reasons you should be considering DIII and NAIA schools in your recruiting journey. After a very successful high school season as

Why Division III And The NAIA Could Be Your Best Recruiting Opportunities

Not everyone can play at the NCAA DI or DII level. But there are lots of opportunities in DIII and NAIA for students who know where to look.