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5 Top Takeaways about College Recruiting

If you missed Coach Taylor's live chat last week, don't worry: here are five of the top takeaways from the chat.

Insight on Recruiting after Talking with a College Baseball Coach

Written by Head Baseball Recruiting Coach Andy Drake I spent this afternoon having lunch with a good friend of mine who is the head baseball coach at a DIII school, and we spent a lot of time

Do you have a recruiting motto?

When I was speaking to the basketball players of Bethel College, many were not aware of the greatest sports moment in the United States in the century 1900 to 2000. Maybe you know it through the Disney

Fall Season Baseball Recruiting

As we switch gears into the fall season there are a few things to keep in mind with your recruiting process. Most importantly understand that college coaches are still going out and actively recruiting throughout the next

The Inspiring Story of Chucky Mullins

There comes a time in recruiting where you have to lean forward in the coaches office and put your elbows on the desk. That’s what Chucky Mullins did, and it led to one of the most inspiring

Inspiration at the U.S. Open

  We have a saying at NCSA, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude. “  This year’s U.S. Open put a wounded army veteran, Todd Reed, not only in the spotlight – but put him

The Fittest Colleges in America

Being fitness-minded with state-of-the-art workout facilities isn’t just for student-athletes anymore.  Colleges are putting serious time and money into the physical health of all coeds. Every year The Active Times rates the Top 10 Fittest Colleges in

Not Every Athletes Will be Recruited by College Coaches

As we approach the 35th year anniversary of the greatest accomplishment in United States sports history, I am writing often about the Miracle on Ice of 1980. That’s when our U.S. Olympic hockey team of college kids

September NCAA Articles

NCAA settles in concussion lawsuit -          The NCAA agreed to provide $70 million for concussion testing and diagnosis of current and former NCAA Student-athletes to settle current claims. -          The settlement also includes educational initiatives as well

September Recruiting Calendars

Softball Contact Period: September 1st – September 30th Baseball Quiet Period: September 1st – September 11th Contact Period: September 12th – September 30th  Men’s Basketball Quiet Period: September 1st – September 8th Recruiting Period: September 9th –