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3 Ways Your Prospective College Visit Should Make You Uncomfortable

Scheduling your prospective college visit for a time when you'll be uncomfortable will actually be perfect. Here are our top reasons why.

Parents Can Now Go on Official Visits for Free

Choosing the right college is a big decision for both student-athletes and their parents. In recognition of importance of parental input, colleges will now foot the bill for parents to join their children on official visits. Quit

Why The Official Visit Was So Important For This Vanderbilt Football Player

Our founder Chris Krause describes why his official visit to Vanderbilt was so important for receiving a football scholarship.

Coach Chmiel Weighs-In: What to Expect from Official Visits and Unofficial Visits on a College Campus

Meeting coaches and teams in official visits and unofficial visits are stressful in the college scholarship and athletic recruiting process.

How I Nearly Ruined My College Recruiting Chances

Lisa Strasman, president and COO of NCSA Athletic Recruiting, describes how current students can improve their college recruiting chances.

5 Tips To Make Your Official Visit A Success

The old adage is true: You only get one chance to make a first impression. We'll help you make your official visit a success.

Unofficial Visit Questions and Sample Schedule

The Fall is a great time for student athletes to take unofficial visits, seeing a campus in the beginning of the school year and during football season will give athletes a good feel for what the campus

New NCAA Recruiting Rule!!!

Effective January 1st, 2013, men’s basketball players can start taking official visits to Division I programs. This new NCAA recruiting rule means, if you’re a junior not registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center and haven’t been talking

On to Next Year’s Recruiting Class

With last week’s hectic signing day over, you would think that most coaches can now kick back and start making their plans for spring practice.  Think again.  The Michigan State Spartans are just one example of a program

Manti Te’o Wins The Sporting News High School Student Athlete

One of our favorite players to evaluate when compiling the Takkle Top 200 Football Players in America was Manti Te’o.  When you watch him play it is clear how much enthusiasm and passion he brings to the game.