College Softball Scholarship FAQs

How do you get discovered in softball recruiting?

Call coaches from home and send them your information. Coaches don’t get a ton of calls, if you make the call it will show a good level of interest in the program. Most important however, get all your information online!

The Importance of a scouting evaluation in softball

The softball timeline is faster than most sports. Division I schools are looking at prospects during their Freshmen and Sophomores years, and usually finalize the recruits list by Sophomore year.

Does an invitation to a camp or showcase mean I am being recruited?

Invitations and camp brochures go to thousands. Contact coaches before going to a camp and find out where they are in the process and to assess whether the camp or showcase is the best one to show your skills at the position. You might go to the camp and they may not be looking in your position, be smart about which ones you decide to attend.

What should my softball highlight video include?

Make a skills video. Most coaches don’t have time to look at a game video. Focus on showcasing your mechanics.

What does a Division I recruit look like?

Timing is key. Division I coaches are particular about your age, positions and clubs. It’s important to keep all your options open. Timing is key because you want to start the process early, reach out to coaches early and play for a 18-under gold team.

What is the role of my high school or travel ball coach in the recruiting process?

Your coaches unfortunatley lack time, resources, and relationships with college coaches. Student-athletes and families are ultimately responsible for their entire recruiting process. 

When do Division I schools begin offering scholarships?

The process starts early. Division I schools make verbal offers during Freshmen year and usually starting to make a list of prospects in the 8th grade. Usually commitments are around Sophomore year.

What should I focus on most for my softball recruiting?

Out of all the things you can do to help yourself in the process: good grades, a skills tape, online resume, the most important thing you can do it become educated on the process and start early.

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