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The primary job of a high school coach isn’t to serve as a recruiting coordinator. Student-athletes need to do most of the work when it comes to earning an athletic scholarship, but coaches should keep up with how the recruiting works to give their players some guidance through the process. Having a number of athletes that go on to play at the next level benefits those kids earning college scholarships, but it’s also beneficial to the entire high school athletic program.

We have rebuilt our products for club and high school coaches. Check out NCSA Team Edition, the recruting solution for programs who want to win at recruiting.

NCSA is here to make sure you and your athletes are informed with several tools designed to keep coaches up to date with recruiting.

Newsletter - Athleadership Monthly is NCSA’s monthly newsletter for coaches and athletic directors. It provides the latest news about the world of recruiting, updates on rules and regulations, and it even offers coaching tips.


NCSA Web Button - The NCSA web button can be placed directly on your team’s website or your high school’s website. It immediately shows viewers that you’re an NCSA verified high school, and it links to valuable NCSA web pages like the NCAA Guide to the College Bound Athlete and sport-specific recruiting guides. The button is customized with your school colors and can be placed nearly anywhere on you website.


Playbook Webinar Series - Monthly webinars by NCSA are informative for both coaches and student-athletes. Topics cover everything from NCAA eligibility and recruiting rules to preparing athletes for visits. Each webinar is easily accessible for high school coaches. We also host online recruiting education classes for all student-athletes, families and coaches.


Join Us on Facebook - The NCSA Facebook page offers up-to-date recruiting information. High school coaches who want to stay in the loop when it comes to the recruiting process should use Facebook as a great way to stay connected.


NCSA Team Edition Product Feature - With Team Edition, coaches can now see what coachdes are viewing their athletes, easy contact coaches on behalf of their athletes and provide their families with the best recruiting resources. 




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