What is the High School RMS?

Check out NCSA's new product NCSA Team Edition. The recruiting solution for coaches and athletic programs.  

Homepage: You can connect with NCSA, request a recruiting seminar, invite your student-athletes to the network and learn more about the culture of NCSA.

College Search Map: Search for the schools that match your student-athletes based on their preferences and abilities.

Coach Requests: Discover coaches' specific recruiting needs based on your sport.

Recruiting Information: Become the recruiting expert and learn important information including how to create a highlight video.


 I have used the RMS to help connect our players with potential colleges. It is a great site to be able to study the college and help decide even before contact is made whether it will be a good fit for the player. Thanks for allowing us this tool to help our players. I know that other coaches, especially the girls coaches love it and are using it also.

Robbie Gunter  
Box Elder High School
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