National Recruiting Scouts

A team of highly trained national scouts at NCSA evaluates student-athletes from an academic and athletic perspective to determine if they qualify for the NCSA network. Scouts also offer a realistic picture of what level of collegiate athletics you’re best suited for.

College coaches rely on verified sources like NCSA to identify, screen and evaluate prospects. That’s why a scouting evaluation, the first step in the NCSA process, is extremely important.

After an initial 30-minute evaluation with a recruiting scout, student-athletes that qualify for the NCSA network receive further guidance from a staff of 300 recruiting coaches.


What does a student-athlete get out of a scouting evaluation?

  • An athletic scout at NCSA can help you learn what college coaches are actually looking for and how recruiting works.
  • You’ll get an honest assessment of your academic and athletic abilities to see what types of programs you’re best suited for and where you might find the most success.
  • Talking to a recruiting scout is the first step to developing a game plan for success during the recruiting process.


What does a student-athlete need to put into a scouting evaluation?

  • Before you pick up the phone or email an NCSA recruiting scout, you have to determine how committed you are to playing college athletics. College athletic programs require 100% dedication, and if you’re not sure you’re ready to give that amount of effort, then maybe college athletics aren’t for you.
  • You need to gauge the level of recruitment before getting in touch with a scout. How many college coaches have contacted you, and how many have you got in touch with. If you’ve been in contact with a lot of coaches and have scholarship offers, you’re well on your way. But if you haven’t heard from many coaches or programs, talking to a recruiting scout just might help you get noticed.


How important is a scouting evaluation?

The recruiting process is extremely difficult if you’re not familiar with how it works. National scouts are experts in recruiting. Many of them were college athletes themselves, and know exactly how the process works. If you’re unsure about how scouts can help ask yourself these five questions. If you’ve got them covered, you’re in good shape. If not, a scout can help with each one.

  1. Do I have a detailed and measurable recruiting action plan?
  2. Do I fully understand the recruiting timeline?
  3. Do I have a properly evaluated and edited video?
  4. Do I have a surefire way to know when coaches have seen the video?
  5. Do I know which coaches are recruiting my position in my graduating class?


What other steps does a student-athlete need to take?

Talking to an NCSA scout is an important first step,

Find out the other things you need to do as a recruit.


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