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NCSA Recruiting

Kat Adams, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Indiana State University

Growing up with the aspiration of playing collegiately, I had the impression that recruiting started junior year. Because I was playing with a travel team, I had the mindset that I was guaranteed exposure. When my athletic career didn’t go in my favor, I decided to pursue my bachelor’s in sports management from Indiana State University. During my collegiate career, I had the opportunity to work alongside the coaching, marketing and ground staff of a Division I program, worked for the WNBA and was taken under the wing of a local sports agent. Through these experiences, it transpired my passion for sports even more.

Being with NCSA, I get to be a part of the process of helping students further advance their athletic career and assist families get a better understanding of the recruiting. I enjoy being in that type of environment. The emails I get from parents or the calls from the student-athletes expressing their happiness with finding a school is a daily reminder of why I enjoy my conversations with families and why I love being here. Working with others who share the same passion of athletics is a great bonus, too.

Outside of NCSA, you can see me binge watching horror films or doing some pickup games of basketball. Anything that allows me to be proactive and not stationary, I’m usually there. The only time I can sit still is when I’m trying to perfect my bracket or watching collegiate/professional games on TV.

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