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Keith Babb, Recruiting Specialist

Northwestern University

I was born in North Carolina, raised in Texas, South Carolina and Delaware, graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and earned my MBA from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  After a successful career in investment banking, I pursued my passion of working in sports. With the help of my wife of 38 years, I raised three kids in the Northern Chicago suburbs who all played youth sports. 

My third kid is the best athlete and ultimately led me to NCSA because of the help we needed in the recruiting process.   NCSA did such a great job of helping my kid, I started helping other families to achieve their dreams. I’ve watched NCSA grow from 2003 until now. It’s amazing how innovative/cutting edge NCSA is. For example, NCSA started streaming videos to college coaches in 2004.  YouTube didn’t start until 2005. 

Every student-athlete is unique. The recruiting process is life-altering to the max. A student-athlete only gets one chance. Among the more than 5,500 student-athletes/families I’ve helped are memorable stories. A young man from a large Arizona high school who was stuck behind a DI athlete on his roster. He still wanted to play at the next level and had great grades. Thanks to NCSA, he had numerous DIII choices, received considerable funding, and received more playing time during his college freshman season than he received in high school. He graduated in four years, with no student loans, and used his intercollegiate playing experience and degree to land a great job.  

Having watched NCSA’s growth from close to inception to now, I couldn’t be prouder to have a small part in that growth. Most rewarding, though, is to watch every student-athlete and their family achieve their goals and dreams.  

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