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Mike Antkowiak, Recruiting Specialist

Marquette University

When I was in high school, I just assumed if I was good enough, I would hear from a college coach one way, shape or form. I was under the impression that a college coach was going to somehow find me. My family and I were very new to the recruiting process, and not knowing what steps to take or how to be proactive really hurt my chances at having options at the college level. It wasn’t that I lacked the academic or athletic ability, but rather my family and I were very much misinformed.

After starting with NCSA back in 2010, I quickly realized my recruiting process could have so much better. I just needed guidance on what steps to take and how to contact college coaches. Working for NCSA is amazing, because not only do I get to talk about sports every day, but I get to empower families to take their recruiting processes into their own hands and allow them to change their future so they don’t have regrets about their recruiting process like I do. Having options at the college level is what it’s all about when finding the right fit academically and athletically. It’s incredibly rewarding when I read an email or hear from a student-athlete that has multiple offers. Allowing them to get ahead in life and make tuition more affordable so they aren’t walking into their first jobs with a bunch of debt over their shoulders. With how competitive the recruiting process is, it’s remarkable that the student-athlete can take a step back and pick and choose where he or she wants to go as opposed to only having one opportunity at the college level like I had.

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