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NCSA's staff of former college athletes, coaches and scouts will help you compete for scholarships.We know who you are: an athlete on the verge of making the next step, confident in your ability to raise your game to the next level, just hoping to be noticed, to be given the opportunity to play your game. We've been there.

Nearly all of our 330-strong staff competed at the college level. Now, working with NCSA allows us to help others earn the same opportunity.For people who know the value of college athletics—who continue to benefit from its lessons and values well beyond the span of a college athletic career—it's just about the most rewarding job you can find. We at NCSA share that viewpoint—and a common passion for what we do. In fact, many of us think of it less as a job and more as a lifestyle. But we don’t just bring a real love for college sports; our people bring decades upon decades of experience in college athletics and beyond.

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Ken Johnson

Head Scout
College of Idaho
Growing up with a single parent and having no clue the recruiting process, my family was lost. I had to go to Junior College and fortunate to get a scholarship to a 4 year College after 2 years in JUCO. If NCSA would have been around when I was coming up, it would of helped me and a lot of my friends in the inner City of Los Angeles get better opportunities. A 1993 graduate of College of Idaho, I helped lead the Coyotes to a NAIA District II championship and played in the 1991 NAIA National Championship Tournament. Originally from Los Angeles, I received my master's degree in Sport administration from the University of Tennessee. I coached collegiate at three NCAA Universities: University of Southern Indiana, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Tennessee. I achieved a Great Lakes Valley Conference championship, 3 Horizon League Championships, NIT Championship, 2 SEC East Championships and 1 SEC Outright Championship, 10 NCAA Tournament appearances, 6 Sweet Sixteen’s and one Elite Eight appearance.

Tim Johnson

Illinois Wesleyan University
I had gone through the recruiting process myself, however, I navigated it on my own and was not able to maximize my exposure. Because of this, I had limited opportunities for soccer moving forward. I was able to play soccer all four years though and it was a great experience! Playing collegiate soccer was an incredibly great experience for me, and I would like every student-athlete to be able to have the same opportunity.

Chad Johnson

Prospect Coordinator
St.Cloud State
I have always been a sports minded individual since grade school. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and continued playing basketball in college. I still am active in basketball and softball as competing has always been in my blood. Since I have coached my children's sporting teams for 17 years, it has become a passion of mine to give back in some way.My journey to NC5A has been a rather short one but very exciting and my son and I have learned a lot about the recruiting process and what it takes to play at the next level. The connection between NC$A and my family started in 2012 when we looked at the possibility of my son playing college basketball. With the help of NCSA, my son's dream will come true. With that gained knowledge, I am hoping to pass that on to future student athletes in their aspirations to play at that next level too. My families path has led me to want to give back more to athletes around the US and help make their dreams come true like my son's will. Working for NCSA and helping student athletes attain their goal of playing college sports is a desire of mine, NCSA can do that for them.

Tyler Joyce

Head Recruiting Coach- Football
University of Montana, University of Colorado at Denver (Grad)
Essentially, I came to NCSA because it provided me with an opportunity to pursue my passion of athletics, to aid in the continued education of student athletes and to help young people pursue their dreams. My background as a college football player at the University of Montana, and my own experience throughout the recruiting process, will hopefully allow me to guide student athletes in the right direction. It is my firm belief that NCSA has redefined the recruiting world and provides student athletes the resources and leverage they need to be successful! I am excited to be joining the NCSA team!

Vinnie Keaser

Head Scout
University of Middle Tennessee/University of Delaware
I came to NCSA to make a difference in a student athlete's future. I think I have a great story to tell with my experience. I didn't look for the RIGHT fit; I was more concerned about baseball and ended up not liking the school's academic program. Therefore, I always stress the importance of finding the right fit!

Brian Kenny

Head Scout
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
I came to NCSA to change lives by helping student-athletes achieve their dreams. Playing sports teaches great life lessons, and playing a sport in college helped me prepare for the rest of my life. I want to make the recruiting process a lot easier for student-athletes than it was for me and my teammates.

Dustin Kleefisch

Football Scout
Valparaiso University
I had a very difficult recruiting process. I had to do everything on my own since my coach didn’t help and my Dad didn’t know what to do or even how to help. As a result, I only had two opportunities at Valpo and Keene St and ended up not playing because the coach at Valpo quit during that summer. I always thought that I would play college football; instead I worked for the athletic department and recreational sport departments. I got my undergrad and graduate degree from Valpo and knowing what I know now, I could have saved so much money on student loans if I would have gone about the process the right way. My goal is to make sure that each family is educated and gets the most opportunities possible so they have plenty of options and don’t fall into the same situation as me.

Max Klekner

University of South Carolina
I joined NCSA to help high school athletes and their parents find the perfect college match both academically and athletically. I received a varsity letter in six different high school sports. I started my college football career at Truman State University,and after two season I transferred to the University of South Carolina where I spent the rest of my football career. Before graduation I spent time as a player/coach on the club water polo team.

David Kmiecik

Marquette University
Having spent nine years working in television sports in Wisconsin, I grew passionate about covering high school sports. I felt coming to NCSA and having the opportunity to help student-athletes reach their goal of playing at the collegiate level was one I could not pass up. Too often I saw talented players not given the chance to continue their athletic careers because they were from a small school or just didn’t know how to pursue the recruiting process. I want to change that and give every high school athlete the help they need to reach and succeed at the next level.

Chris Kovacevich

Head Scout
Coastal Carolina/ UIC, Northwestern for Grad
As a high school student athlete going through the recruiting process, I had no idea what I was doing, and ended up having to transfer schools halfway through college. Helping young student athletes understand how to go through recruiting the right way so they can find their best fit is what motivates me. Being a collegiate student athlete has changed my life, and I want to help young athletes get that same opportunity.

Pete Kowall

Recruiting Coach
Western Michigan University
I want to help student-athletes and families better understand the college recruiting process and find a college they want to attend. I want to help these student-athletes so they can have a successful collegiate experience.

Chris Krause

Founder, CEO
Vanderbilt University
Building on my experience in being recruited to play in the SEC, I began assisting student-athletes to get recruited and play in the college that was the best fit for them. I founded NCSA in 2000 with a passion to help turn dreams into a reality. Since its inception, NCSA has become the leader in helping match college coaches with qualified high school students.

Eric Kruger

Recruiting Coach
Central Michigan University
I was a scholarship athlete at Central Michigan University from 2004-2009 as a member of the wrestling team. I was a 4-year letter winner, conference champion, national qualifier, and consistently ranked in the top 15 in the nation. After I graduated, I joined the wrestling staff as an assistant coach and later on as the Director of Operations. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education in 2009. During my high school career I was an all-state wrestler and was recruited by many colleges from all divisions.

Paul La Mott

Head Scout
California Lutheran University
I am thrilled to be a part of the NCSA team! I first became aware of NCSA and its unique approach to representing recruits as the Lead Assistant coach at the University of La Verne. During our recruiting campaign for the 2013-2014 incoming class, we ultimately signed 6 players that we discovered through NCSA. I know firsthand just how powerful a tool the recruiting network is for both players and coaches. So impressed with the company’s product, mission statement and directives was I that I wanted to be a part of the culture myself. I was fortunate to attend and play basketball at California Lutheran University. As a conference POY and H.M. All- America, I was able to parlay my success in to a professional opportunity in Australia. I possess extensive experience in the fields of business and basketball (both H.S. and college) and earned my MBA from Ashford University in 2011.

Michael Lach

Head Scout
Illinois State University and Depaul University
I came to NCSA family for two reasons to help families with the difficult process of recruiting and to empower athletes with mentality that anything is possible. Being a former high school soccer player and having the opportunity to play overseas in Poland, I was very grateful and fortunate for the wonderful opportunities that sports can bring to a young athlete. Being recruited myself I understand the stress and confusion that an athlete and his/her family can go through. My goal here with NCSA is to insure young athletes everywhere that having the support NCSA family as well as their own, we can make sport dreams become a reality!

Keith Larsen

Head Scout
San Francisco State University
Once I learned about NCSA, I knew it would be a great fit for me and for my family as well. I have been involved in athletics for as long as I can remember. I played 3 sports in High School and College, and had my first head coaching job at age 21. I’ve been blessed to have coached at every level. I coached basketball at Stanford University, I was the Head Basketball Coach at NCAA Div. 2 CSU Stanislaus and I was the Athletic Director, Head Basketball and Golf Coach at NCAA Div.3 Menlo College as well as coaching almost every high school sport and helping my athletes through the recruiting process. I feel I have a good knowledge of what it takes both academically and athletically to get to the level that is best for you. As a father of 2 student athletes one at a Division1 school and one going through the recruiting process, I can’t wait to share and meet the next family that I can help to reach their dreams!

Kirkland Lawrence

Football Scout
Baldwin-Wallace College
Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, I was fortunate enough to play football at Baldwin-Wallace College. I understand the advantages that competing at the collegiate level has created in my life. I was drawn to NCSA's mission and decided to join the team so that I could do my part to empower leaders through sports.

Ashlee Lawson

VP of Partner Development
Ohio University
I have always had a passion for sports; my dad was a collegiate football athlete and it was always a big part of my upbringing. I played club and high school volleyball but because I went to a small school and was told I wasn’t tall enough to play at the D-1 level, it meant there weren’t any opportunities for me. My experience inspires me to make sure every and all athletes know what it takes to play at all levels and how sports can impact their life! I love working at NCSA to ensure all student athletes are educated on how the recruiting process works.

Joe Leccesi

Head Recruiting Coach Assistant
St. Xavier University
Looking back at my recruiting, I was extremely lucky! I started very late in the process. I wasted a lot of time and money attending camps and visits at schools that were not very interested in recruiting me. Worst of all, I was not proactive at all and I sat back and let the coaches look for me. I wish I had the help and guidance of people who have been through the process before. I think the knowledge and guidance of the NCSA team is extremely valuable for anyone trying to navigate the recruiting process.

Brandon Liles

Recruiting Coach Team Lead
Indiana Wesleyan University
I work at NCSA because I have an opportunity to work in sports and talk about baseball everyday. I work at NCSA because of the people and culture we have here, and because of the way we help student-athletes make a decision that will affect them for much longer than those four years after high school.