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NCSA's staff of former college athletes, coaches and scouts will help you compete for scholarships.We know who you are: an athlete on the verge of making the next step, confident in your ability to raise your game to the next level, just hoping to be noticed, to be given the opportunity to play your game. We've been there.

Nearly all of our 330-strong staff competed at the college level. Now, working with NCSA allows us to help others earn the same opportunity.For people who know the value of college athletics—who continue to benefit from its lessons and values well beyond the span of a college athletic career—it's just about the most rewarding job you can find. We at NCSA share that viewpoint—and a common passion for what we do. In fact, many of us think of it less as a job and more as a lifestyle. But we don’t just bring a real love for college sports; our people bring decades upon decades of experience in college athletics and beyond.

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Matt Hall

Head Scout
US Army JFK Special Warfare Center & School
I joined NCA to help talented young athletes realize their full potential in both sports but more importantly academics. Young athletes and their parents are all too often unaware of the vast opportunities available to them.

Trace Hammond

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
What drew me to NCSA was the opportunity to help student-athletes realize their dream of playing collegiality. I want to help student-athletes and their families have more opportunities than I did when I was in high school. I was a two-sport athlete in high school, playing both baseball and football.

Michael Harrison

Head Football Scout
Ball State University
In high school, I was a great student (4.0 GPA) who was a good athlete (3 sports: All-State in football & All-Conference in basketball). However, I needed more college exposure because I was a late-bloomer at a small school that wasn't on the football recruiter's radar.

Andrew Haworth

Tulane University
I come to the NCSA with a lot of experience in the sports world. I was a multisport athlete growing up in Atlanta. After 4 years at Tulane, I ended up back in Atlanta for law school. My goal was to use the law to work in sports and help athletes.

Theo Hawthorne

Head Scout
Southwest Baptist University & University of Alabama
In high school, I was a tri-athlete playing football, basketball, and track. Football was my passion and I was determined to play at the collegiate level. My experience trying to earn a scholarship and figuring out the steps to accomplish it was extremely difficult.

Drew Heckmon

Head Scout
Carthage College
I graduated from Woodstock High School in 2006. During my attendance at Woodstock, I was co-captain of both the varsity football and basketball teams. I was named to the All-Conference basketball team and was a state finalist in the Illinois 3 Point Shooting Competition, finishing 5th overall. I went on to graduate from Carthage College in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration.

Kristin Heidloff

Head Recruiting Coach
Georgetown University
As a former Division I women’s basketball player and high school coach, working at NCSA was a natural fit for me.

Othello Henderson

NCSA Partner Speaker
Knowledge is P.O.W.E.R. I joined NCSA Athletic Recruiting because the network provides opportunities with essential resources by equipping parents and student-athletes with all-around knowledge about the recruiting process and instills an awareness about how sports can be used as a stairstep for life after sports.

Rachel Hernandez

Project Manager
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Having the opportunity to run track and cross country in college was an amazing experience that taught me many life lessons I use each day. It is because of my college experience that I am so passionate about helping aspiring student athletes achieve their goals of playing sports in college

Jimmy Hester

Head Scout
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Coming soon...

Jai Hill

NCSA Partner Speaker/ Senior Coach Relations Coordinator
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Being a part of a team that works for the same goal day in and day out is why I'm excited to work for NCSA! The first part is talking to the parents and their student athletes. The second part is connecting them with the college coaches and knowing that they have made the correct decision on the college that they chose.

Jeff Hines

Head Football Scout
Northern Arizona University
I joined NCSA because I had the opportunity to play and start in college for 4 years, which is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life, and I want to give other student athletes the same opportunity. My recruiting process was a wild ride and I had no idea where to start, which almost caused me to slip through the cracks.

Rich Hofman

NCSA Partner Speaker
Calvin College BA Western Michigan-MA
I came to NCSA to help athletes and parents realize their goal of a four year collegiate athletic and academic experience translating into a 40 year career.

Tim Holden

Video Coordinator Assistant
Illinois State University
I spent my whole life growing up being a part of teams and it has become a big part of my life. I’ve been on a team my whole life; in high school, in college, and it only made sense to professionally. I wanted to be a part of a company that treats itself like a team which is why it made sense to join the NCSA.

Matt Hoover

Software Developer
Boston University
Working at NCSA enables me to work towards my main goal in software- to create useful things that make a positive impact on people's lives. Helping people find their place in higher education fits this perfectly. The fact that there is a sports angle to NCSA is the icing on the cake.

Christopher Hopps

Marquette University
When I began working on my master’s degree in Sports Administration, it opened a world of opportunity for me in the sports industry. My passion for athletics and helping others is what brought me to NCSA. I played three sports in high school, and while I was not fortunate enough to play a sport at the collegiate level, had I known about NCSA when I was in high school, I might have been able to.

Richard Houston

Head Scout
Carthage College
After attending Niles West HS in Skokie, IL I was lucky enough to continue my athletic career by playing Soccer and Baseball at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. I still have vivid memories of my HS athletic career and one thing that sticks out is my relative cluelessness of the recruiting process.

Nakware Howard

Graphic Designer
DePaul University
With a degree in art and design, a wide array of experience, and an insatiable passion for design, I came to NCSA looking for the next exciting step in my career, and boy did I find it. My passion for design is matched only by my love of sports, needless to say I couldn’t ask for a better position!

William Hulsey

Head Scout
Middle Tennessee State University
Growing up as the son of an active community college coach, I have been around a ball field all of my life. College athletics is in my blood and is my passion. I played community college and Division I baseball and then continued as an undergraduate and graduate assistant coach as I finished my BS and Masters degrees.

Jaime Hymer

Head Football Scout
University of Iowa
I came to work at NCSA because sports have done so much for me in life and have helped me succeed. I want families and student athletes to see the possibilities that I missed when getting recruited.