How Does College Relations Do It?

NCSA’s College Relations Team is constantly working to research, track, and improve the NCSA college coach recruiting experience. Each week thousands of college coaches log into their free NCSA Recruiting Management Systems (RMS), to search the nation’s largest network of student-athlete profiles who are looking for opportunities to play sports at the collegiate level.

College Relations is not only responsible for direct support for all college coaches, but also for compiling and utilizing varied statistical analyses so that college coaches continue to get the most out of their RMS platforms.  Our CR team tracks data such as coach RMS logins, as well as profiles viewed, and the number of videos viewed, to identify areas where coaches may need a help on how to simplify their needs of searching, evaluating and organizing their recruits.

We continually reach out to the college coaching community via social networking media, including Twitter and Facebook, informing and encouraging coaching discussions of any number of topics relating to recruiting, including tips on the use of all the NCSA Coach RMS features.


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