How Does the Coach Recruiting Management System Work?

The Recruiting Management System (RMS)

NCSA’s web-based RMS uses state-of-the-art digital technology to make it extremely easy for coaches to find athletes that fit their program. It lets you use multiple recruiting tools with just the click of a button or swipe on a touch screen. Access to the RMS is free for college coaches. Here are some of the features that make our RMS the best recruiting tool in the business,

Position Needs Feature

Let NCSA do some of the recruiting heavy lifting for you. Our Position Needs feature is an easy way for coaches to find players who fit their program. It doesn’t require an exhaustive search and it lets you find the exact type of players that you’re looking for and that your program needs.

How it works.

  • Coaches post an exact description of roster spots that they need to fill and what they’re looking for including height, weight, specific position and graduation year. You can also set academic requirements like GPA or SAT score minimums.
  •  NCSA screens prospects from our massive network of student-athletes, and only athletes that are truly qualified for the position can respond and “apply” for the spot.
  •  Coaches are notified by email every time a student-athlete applies for their open positions. And you get weekly updates about the athletes who’ve applied and shown interest in your roster spots.
  • When you’ve filled the need and are done recruiting for a specific position you can close that particular Position Need listing.

Easy Access to a Massive Network

The RMS lets coaches search for and connect with athletes in our massive network that includes profiles for over 500,000 recruits. Interaction with student-athletes happens in several ways.

  • A list of Interested prospects shows you athletes who are interested in your program and have invited you to check out their NCSA profiles.
  • Views shows you athletes who have looked at your program information.
  • Matches are prospects who we’ve matched with your program, based on your recruiting preferences.
  • Search lets coaches look for qualified prospects and allows you to narrow your search based position, NCSA rating, and even geographical area. Search enables coaches to quickly view the athletic/academic resume and highlight video for specific recruits.


Recruiting Board

Your Recruiting Board makes it extremely easy to track your prospects. It highlights the profiles of any athletes that you’re interested in. It lets you email recruits, and write your own notes about athletes throughout the recruiting process.

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