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Baseball Camps


Baseball camps and baseball showcases are an important way to get in-person recruiting exposure during your baseball recruiting process. This is an extensive list of baseball events where you can improve specific skills and get noticed by college coaches. You can look either for baseball camps near you, or for events hosted by universities where you might be interested in playing.

How to Choose: Camps vs Showcases vs Combines

We list all baseball events within this list. Depending on your specific goals, you might want to attend one type instead of another. Here’s the primary differences among baseball camps, showcases and combines and what to expect from each. 

  • At baseball camps, you will receive specialized instruction in fielding, pitching and hitting, often by college coaches and staff from the host institution. You might also hear them called baseball clinics. In addition to the opportunities you’ll have to connect with college coaches, you’ll benefit from instruction at a higher, and possibly even pro baseball, level.
  • Baseball showcases are often hosted by third-party groups. Showcases often include both workouts and at least one game, but may not include instruction. The point of baseball showcases is to demonstrate your abilities to college coaches and scouts, but it’s not always possible to know exactly which college coaches will be in attendance. Some “invite only” showcases require higher fees for high school baseball players to participate.
  • Baseball combines are a specific type of baseball camp held by a scout to evaluate multiple players at the same time. They are typically open tryouts where players up to 25 years old can participate. While participating in baseball combines can bulk up your athletic “resume,” college coaches don’t usually attend this type of event.

This is just an introduction to baseball camps, showcases and combines. The event that is right for your family’s circumstances might require some extra research into the particulars of the camp. Remember: rarely – if ever – do baseball players receive scholarships at the event. But they’re a great way to show what you can do and get evaluated by college coaches who can give you a scholarship eventually.

Find Baseball Camps Near You

Oak Lawn Community High School

Oak Lawn, Illinois
High School
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
6-7 p.m.

NCSA's College Sports Recruiting 101 one hour presentation will allow your student-athlete to learn how to take control of their athletic journey to college. NCSA's recruiting expert will discuss the importance of establishing athletic and academic goals, setting realistic expectations and seeking opportunities at all college levels.

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