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Men's Basketball Camps


College basketball camps allow high school basketball players the opportunity to show their skills on the court in front of college coaches. This can be important because the college basketball season runs at the same time as high school games and tournaments. This list will help you increase your exposure for playing basketball in college.

Choosing Between College and Exposure Camps

Choosing the right basketball camp for you is an important consideration. Your time and money are both limited. We recommend that you research individual basketball camps that we have included in this list, but we also want to make sure you know the main differences between college and exposure camps.

  • College basketball camps are run by the college’s basketball program. You’ll gain knowledge and instruction from the high level of teaching at this type of program, and will have the opportunity to get a sample of campus life at the particular school where the camp is located.
  • Basketball exposure camps have the goals of evaluating players and helping players develop exposure and get a player ranking. Although they are not tied to a specific university, many basketball exposure camps have amazing track records and cite alumni who have gone on to top college programs and the NBA. Many of these camps are invitation-only, so the talent level is high – and excellent for player development. They also offer players an opportunity to play in front of college coaches, especially at NCAA DIII men’s basketball coaches.

If you want to get recruited at a college basketball camp, remember that most coaches attend events only to see players with whom they’ve already made some kind of connection.

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