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USA Today High School Sports

USA Today High School sports offers sports information and images.

USA Today High School Sports has been one of the top resources for information on a variety of high school sports, primarily but not solely focusing on football and basketball. Included on its website are things like many articles and USA Today Sports Images that are dedicated to high school sports.

USA Today High School Sports is a subsection of USA Today Sports, which features sports news coverage of all types of sports that interest Americans and others. This includes coverage of MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, college football and college basketball. The focuses on college football and college basketball are also connected with the organization’s USA Today High School Sports coverage. Many college football and college basketball fans like to learn about who may be joining their teams in the coming years.

One of the most highly anticipated things that USA Today High School Sports does every year is release its All-USA high school football and All-USA high school basketball teams. The football one includes offensive and defensive players of the year while the boys and girls basketball squads include a player of the year for both. A coach of the year is selected for each of these teams as well.

Those who regularly visit USA Today High School Sports’ website also tend to spend time on its social media outlets such as its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. All are regularly updated although its Facebook page is done so more frequently.

USA Today High School Sports’ coverage is also found on thousands of websites like as

High school sports scores

Additionally, USA Today HSS is a reliable source for high school sports scores of Super 25 games as well as high school sports scores of other contests being played across the country.

USA Today Sports rankings

One of the features that USA Today HSS is most known for is its Super 25 Rankings. These consider every high school in the country and are similar to the top-25 polls that are so famous for college sports such as football and basketball. However, in high school, there is no national tournament such as March Madness, so the teams at the top will often have never played each other. However, there are exceptions. Top teams will sometimes face off at regular-season tournaments in sports such as basketball while powerhouse football teams from the same state will often meet in the playoffs.

USA Today High School sports offers sports information and images.

For example, the Nos. 1 and 3 teams in the final football rankings in 2019 faced off in the playoffs. This battle of teams in the top five of the football rankings occurred in the CIF Southern Section Division 1 championship game. Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) was leading St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Calif.) by a 28-5 score before the Braves stormed back and prevailed, 39-34. After St. John Bosco won the state title a week later, it also claimed this national championship. St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) was the national runner-up.

Some of the other well-known polls are the ones that HSS compiles that are related to Girls Volleyball Rankings, Boys Basketball Rankings and Girls Basketball Rankings. The 2019 national champion in girls volleyball was Byron Nelson (Trophy Club, Texas) while IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.) and New Hope Academy (Landover Hills, Md.) claimed the boys and girls national championships at the conclusion of their respective 2018-19 campaigns.

High school recruiting

USA Today HSS covers high school sports recruiting and National Signing Day extensively. One high school recruiting article consisted of a photo gallery of its Composite Football Recruiting Team Rankings for those entering college in 2020. Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, LSU and Georgia made up the top five of these football rankings. Also, some of these sports news articles on high school recruiting discuss National Signing Day decisions that players are pondering as they decide where to play in college.

USA Today High School Sports’ Chosen 25

Many head to HSS to read about its Chosen 25, which are high school sports rankings of the top players in the country in football and boys basketball. Performances at high school games and in other competitions in the spring and summer are what are most strongly considered in these high school sports rankings while college potential is taken into account too. These lists provide a way for players to see who they’re competing with for scholarships and positions on top college teams.

USA Today High School Sports features

The variety of articles and pictures that are available courtesy of USA Today High School Sports and USA Today Sports Images is impressive.

Its NCSA recruiting section is where players involved with the high school sports recruiting process can learn about what it’s about and how to make the most of that experience. Articles that are located here are about topics such as how to get recruited, social media lessons to follow, what you should know about National Signing Day and top schools to consider.

HSS has a Sports Safety section that discusses ways for players to be safer and how schools can improve the conditions that players play in. Some recent articles discussed practicing in excessive heat, what goes into emergency action plans and how to handle and reduce the odds of athlete burnout.

YSPN 360, which stands for Youth Sports Performance Network 360, is focused on helping youngsters get the most out of their skills. This section has included pieces that discuss bullpen sessions for 12-U baseball players, the powerline drill for softball players and common inefficiencies experienced by young players.

The Girls Sports Month section at USA Today High School Sports focuses on girls sports. This includes feature stories such as one that was written about a deaf softball pitcher, recruiting stories such as one that focused on a recruiting class for Stanford’s women’s basketball team and the release of the results of a vote of the best name in girls basketball.

USA Today High School sports offers sports information and images.

Its section about the All-American Bowl features sports news articles about that game and the players who have been or may be selected to play in it. That contest features a pair of All-Star teams representing the eastern and western halves of the country. It’s been played in San Antonio since 2000.

USA Today High School Sports blogs

USA Today High School Sports also offers a number of blogs for its readers to peruse. Outside the Box ones are written by Cam Smith. He discusses many of the more serious issues that occur in high school sports such as acts related to violence, players receiving cash, teams being banned from tournaments and prayers taking place at sports events. His articles may also be viewed on related websites.

Its Athlete Blogs section provides fascinating looks into the thoughts of players who play high school sports and who, in many cases, will be moving on to play in college. Some of them share their thoughts on why they chose to go to college where they did.

The Selection Tour part of USA Today High School Sports’ website focuses on players who have been selected to play in the Under Armour All-America Game. This contest is played the first week of January in Orlando, Fla.

USA Today High School Sports: Polls

USA Today High School Sports has a page dedicated to polls. Included here are stories on Super 25 polls as well as on Player of the Year and Coach of the Year honors that are being awarded to players and coaches in a variety of sports.

US Today HSS Photos and videos

Several of USA Today High School Sports’ photos and videos gather lots of views as well.

USA Today Sports Images provides many of the photos on its dedicated photo page. However, photos are not all courtesy of USA Today Sports Images. For example, a recent article included a photo that was taken by an Arizona Republic photographer. It showed Adonis Watt using braille to read a Marvel Hero Project comic book that was inspired by him.

Meanwhile, its video-dedicated page is fascinating too. Some recent posts here were about a freshman high school basketball player scoring 77 points in a game and Newtown High School’s football team winning a state championship game on the seventh anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which is also located in Newtown, Conn.

USA Today Sports

Connected with USA Today HSS is USA Today Sports. Here, you can find coverage of professional sports as well as a considerable number of mostly non-recruiting college sports articles that are focused on current players. USA Today Sports Images may be found here too while USA Today Sports Weekly provides extensive reporting of sports news as well.

Frequently asked questions section

USA Today High School Sports’ Frequently Asked Questions section provides useful information too. There, it’s explained that USA Today High School Sports is the new name for, how readers can create accounts and follow teams and athletes, how readers can sign up for notifications and how the Massey Ratings work.

USA Today HSS community rules

Any readers who are going to get actively involved with USA Today HSS should take a look at its Community Rules. In essence, you should ensure that you don’t hinder the ability of others to use and enjoy what’s being offered or to impersonate anybody. Generally speaking, use common sense. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to get into the habit of reading fine print so that you know what you’re agreeing to when you use a service such as this or, more importantly, doing something like signing a National Letter of Intent.


Many who utilize what HSS has to offer are in the process of being recruited or are looking to be recruited. Of course, their focus should be on improving their games, but it’s also important to learn how to receive interest from coaches and, when the time comes, how to select which offer to take.

That’s where Next College Student Athlete comes in for many. This organization is the world’s largest collegiate athletic recruiting network. It combines an impressive network of 35,000 coaches and numerous student-athletes with a wealth of knowledge. The latter is one of the points of pride for its founder, Chris Krause. He’d struggled through his recruiting process when he was a high school football player before finding the fit that worked for him at Vanderbilt University. As a result, he wanted to ensure that others following in his footsteps didn’t need to struggle information-wise as much as he did.

One feature that NCSA was one of the first to offer was providing easy access to highlight videos to college coaches. In fact, it started offering that a year before YouTube was created. This company has also developed with the times. One example was using new technology for a recruit match system to help student-athletes narrow their college options. This feature is especially useful for many as it can be an overwhelming process to do on your own given the sheer number of athletics departments that are spread across the country.

As a result of everything that NCSA has offered since its founding in 2000, it’s received tremendous reviews from both student-athletes and coaches. For example, it’s received an average score of 4.9 on Google Reviews. If you’re looking to play in college and possibly be featured by USA Today Sports Images, make sure to fill out your free profile today. NCSA representatives are available at 866 495-5172 if you have any questions about what the organization has to offer or with the form itself.

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