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The “Ice Cool” College Sports Personality

You strip the puck from the opposing defenseman and pick up speed…all eyes are on you as you cross the blue line and close in on the goalie. You are all alone. Your heart races as you drag the puck across your body…you shoot…CLANK!

The puck ricochets off the post and is cleared by the other team.

How do you react? Every hockey player has experienced a moment like this, but not all hockey players respond the same way. Your reaction to adverse situations on the ice allows spectators to judge your character, personality and temperament. The way you carry yourself on the ice and bench can win favor, or frustration, from college scouts.  College coaches evaluate size, talent and physical strength, but they also watch for intangibles.  When they contact us here at NCSA to discuss one of our pre-qualified athletic prospects, they want to know as much about their temperament and personality as they do about their statistics and honors. College coaches are responsible for creating the best hockey team, and great teams are made up of more than just talented players. Most college coaches place tremendous value in characteristics beyond speed, stick handling and agility. College coaches seek new players who will be a positive influence on campus and in the locker room, and get along well with the rest of the team.

College coaches want to recruit hard workers, not “prima donnas”.  When a college coach travels to watch you play, he or she hopes you will be the one to hold your head high, even when the puck does not bounce your way. College coaches hope you will tap your goalie on the pads when he or she makes a great save, or more importantly, when the puck slips by. College coaches want to see you listen to your coach, and interact with your teammates. College coaches do not want to see you slam your stick, pout, or argue with the referee.  You never know which play a college coach will remember, so make sure you always play with composure, pride and passion.  Having that “ice cool” personality on the ice might be what gets you a shot at that college sports scholarship.

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Aaron Sorenson