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Why College Football Scholarship Prospects Use NCSA

The fight for a college football scholarship is incredibly competitive.  And like it or not, you – or your son – is right in the middle of that fight.

Smart student-athletes, as well as their parents, now know that most prospects are no longer “discovered” by college coaches roaming the country looking for recruits.  Instead, athletes who get the opportunity to experience a college football career do so by giving themselves an edge in the way they market themselves to college coaches.

Many of those same student-athletes and their parents turn to NCSA for help in gaining that recruiting edge.  Why?

  • NCSA is the recognized leader in athletic recruiting information for today’s student-athlete.
  • NCSA has the largest trained national staff, comprised of former college athletes and coaches, who maintain close working relationships with college recruiters around the country.
  • NCSA is the trusted educational partner for respected youth sports organizations and high school athletic departments around the country.  They look to us for advice, direction and insider knowledge on how parents and athletes should approach the complicated recruiting process to achieve the greatest chance for success.

The knowledge, the established relationships with coaches, and being a leader in the industry puts NCSA in the best position to help college football prospects make the most of their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play at the next level.  Here are just a few of the specific ways NCSA does it for hundreds of football prospects around the country year after year:

  • NCSA’s proven system matches recruits with their ideal college football programs, based on the athlete’s athletic and academic talents.  College football coaches trust us to deliver relevant, accurate information on prospects that they would otherwise not know about.
  • NCSA assigns a personal recruiting coach to each football prospect and his family to answer questions that arise during the recruiting process, giving them guidance throughout the fight for a chance to play college football.
  • NCSA can deliver every piece of critical information that a college football recruiting coordinator
    would need
    to determine if a football prospect is the right fit for their program:  All their important athletic statistics, a streaming web football skills and highlight video, a verified copy of their official transcript, and the prospects contact information…everything a coach would need to scout, and recruit, that football prospect.

Now, here are three big questions for you…

Are you a high school football player, or the parent of a football player, who thinks you have what it takes to play at the next level?

Are you looking for an edge in the fight to win a college football scholarship?

Do you think it would be smart to have a nationally respected team of college recruiting experts standing side-by-side with you as you go through this complicated process?

If the answer is yes, the next step is simple:

Click here to take the first step in our free prospect evaluation process.  We’ll begin by asking you a few simple questions about your athletic career so far, as we start to gather important information that college football coaches would want to evaluate as they consider you for their program.

Think about it:  Doesn’t it make sense to submit your information to a team of college recruiting experts, so that they can recommend what your next steps should be to maximize your opportunity to play college football? 

Click here to register for your free evaluation.

Once you do, we think you’ll see why so many of today’s better college football prospects turn to the National Collegiate Scouting Association for help in winning the fight for a chance to win a college football scholarship, and a chance to play at the next level.

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Aaron Sorenson

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  • My name is Danny, and I’m 6’2 210lbs with good speed. I also can put a lick on the ball carrier (you really have to see me perform). I also have an outstanding set of hands meaning I can catch almost anything thrown my way. I promise if you give me a chance to prove to you that I can perform you will not be sorry. Another reason why I want this scholarship is because I am highly intelligent and I realize the opportunity this scholarship will give me. I am not a weakling either, I max out at 315lbs on the bench, 365lbs on the squat, and I run about a 4.65 in the 40s. So please, find in your heart to consider me I promise you will not regret it.

    P.S. If you show me a weight room and practice field I’ll show you a football player!!!!!!!!!!!