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Spell Check Your Scholarship

Hit the Spell Check button.  If I could offer one small tip to recruits while communicating with coaches by email, it would to hit the spell check button.  Too often in this wir
ed world athletes are complacent in their correspondence with college coaches.  I want to remind them that when scholarships are on the line it pays to take the time to do things properly.  I recently received the following email from a parent:

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to inform you that JohnU is not illiterate; he seems to have forgotten that an e-mail correspondence with someone is different than a text message or a post on Facebook.  I made him aware of this but feel free to reinforce it.

The student athlete in question had used several abbreviations and left several grammatical mistakes in his email to his recruiting coach at NCSA.  I can only assume that his correspondence with college coaches was crafted in similar fashion. Coaches form opinions on players based on many wide ranging factors.  Don’t let anything you can control stand in  the way of your collegiate scholarship potential.

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Aaron Sorenson