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Don’t Limit Your Recruiting Options

 Limiting recruiting to within one state simply will not cut it with elite college programs these days.  ESPN took a look at the new Marquette University Basketball Coach, Buzz Williams, recent recruiting class and one of his quotes really stood out from the rest.

“In the Big East, you can’t just recruit a specific area — and yes, we’ll recruit the state of Wisconsin, and yes, we’ll go to Texas on an annual basis, but Wisconsin and Texas won’t be enough to compete in the Big East,” Buzz Williams said. “But you always go where you have relationships.”

Potential recruits in search of an athletic scholarship should take a look at his quote and realize that he is 100% correct.  Additionally, if a coach is open and willing to search nationwide, recruits need to do the same.  If you aren’t willing to travel or step out of your comfort zone, you have essentially cut your chances of being recruited by more than half.

The second part of Coach Williams quote stress that above all else you have to go where you have relationships.  Its why he was able to recruit several players from Texas to brave the cold all the way up in Milwaukee!  Recruits need to understand that building trusting relationships is the key unlocking their scholarship potential. 

How do you build these relationships?  You build them in any way possible!  Fill out questionnaires, send out tapes, talk to coaches on the phone, attend camps and more.  The other main way to build relationships is to turn to a reliable source.  A reliable source is someone a college coach trusts to identify talent.  For some that source may be a high school coach.  Others may get lucky and are spotted by scouts at a camp or in a game.  For many that source is NCSA.  NCSA has build thousands of relationships with coaches in all sports across the country and uses them to match with college coaches.  If you want to see where you might fit with NCSA don’t wait!

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