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Why should I use a company like NCSA to assist in the recruiting process?  I hear that question a lot.  There are a variety of reasons why a family should consider NCSA, but I wanted to reference Bill Conley’s recent Recruiting column for for a few examples.

Because of the time commitment, college coaches do not have the opportunity to recruit national talent in the depth and detail they would like. As a result, schools find recruiting areas, or pockets, where they have had success in the past and put their limited time into those places. Success breeds success, and players who have a positive experience at a college or university become the best salesmen to younger athletes from their high schools or geographical areas. Often, a veteran player can convince a young player to take an official visit or attend a camp at his institution.

Over time, the college coach often establishes great relationships with the high school coaches in a certain area. High school coaches often are major players in the recruiting process, and the more comfortable a high school coach feels about a college program, the more likely he is to encourage his player to at least keep an open mind about that school.

Those types of long term and trusted relationships with schools are exactly what NCSA hopes to use to connect student athletes with the college programs that fit them.  We constantly hear back from schools about the types of players they are looking for and fill those specific needs.  For players at schools with less focus, NCSA fill the void of an established and trusted source.

The media has been a major recruiting tool for colleges that have traditionally found it hard to recruit on a national scale. The exposure given by televised games, sports shows, the Internet, etc., have given lower-profile schools opportunities to attract talent they might not have been able to reach because of geographic restrictions and tight recruiting budgets.

NCSA uses the internet and our Verified Scouting Reports to reach across the country and all division levels to give coaches the players they need and allow athletes from smaller towns to be seen by any school.

I urge any recruit to contact NCSA to learn why NCSA can help you!

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