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You Never Know Until You Visit!

Almost every recruit dreams of the day they will be playing under the brightest lights possible with the world watching on network TV.  However, not every recruit gets the chance to perform at the highest competitive level.  For some potential recruits this news can be devastating.  They have spent their entire lives working to be an elite athlete and now they are being told that they essentially aren’t good enough to compete at the highest level. 

Some athletes keep waiting by the phone for a call that never comes and are deprived of the chance to continue playing the sport they love and miss out on the chance to receive any scholarship.  Some keep waiting because they are naive to the process, but others keep waiting simply because of pride.  However, if the majority of these athletes took the time to really investigate the different levels of collegiate athletics I think their attitude would quickly pull a 180 degree turn.  Take for instance Naples’ High Senior tailback Greg Pratt, who took the time to visit some smaller schools and had his eyes opened. The Naples Daily News sat down to get his take after visiting Liberty in the Division formerly known as D 1-AA.

“I talked to some NFL scouts and they told me you don’t have to go to a big school to get looked at,” Pratt said. “The (Liberty) coaches said I have a good chance of playing.”

Pratt even has several BCS schools offering him scholarships, but because he took the time to investigate things a little further, he now has one more option on the table.  That is why I always encourage athletes to take as many visits as possible so they can make an informed decision and find the right fit!

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Aaron Sorenson