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Still Think School Doesn’t Matter?

Many athletes are focused on one thing: the BIG  BUCK$ in the pros.  However, they forget one very important factor, without an education you will have no idea how to spend and invest all that dough. Forbes magazine recently featured a run down of the more stunning financial meltdowns of high caliber athletes.  The list includes Bjorn Borg, who squandered his fortune trying to run a fashion label, Johnny Unitas who purchased a circuit chip company, and of course Mike Tyson who managed to spend an estimated $400 million on everything from Tigers to legal fees.

While the list is a sad cautionary tale, it pales in comparison to the list of high school and college athletes who don’t take academics seriously until it is too late.  Grades are the key for potential recruits to unlock their full recruiting potential.  Athletes that have great grades open countless more scholarship and grant options.

They are also vital for collegiate student athletes to unlock their life potential.  As the commercial says, “There are over 380,000 student athletes and most of us go pro in something other than sports.”  I urge every student reading this to make sure they don’t squander an opportunity that cold haunt the rest of their lives.

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Aaron Sorenson