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Time to Shift Your Recruiting Efforts

Many senior athletes across the country still have dreams of playing Division I athletics.  However, this time of year it may be wise for potential college athletes to begin focusing on different division levels   Why?  Because almost every scholarship has been offered.  All that remains are Official Visits for recruits to make their final decision.  The Detroit Free Press highlights how timetables have changed due to the Internet.

Before the Internet or DVD’s, before college coaches knew the top football prospects in the country by the time they were sophomores and had to rely on high school coaches and alumni around the country, the bulk of recruiting was done in the months of December and January, after a recruit’s senior season.

Today, most colleges have 75 percent or more of their class complete before they hit the final months of the recruiting process. The remaining available prospects, however, tend to be on the extremes. Several high caliber prospects know they will not lose out on scholarship opportunities by waiting while other prospects emerge, or their stock vastly improves, in their senior seasons.

While the importance of late-stage recruiting has dwindled over the years, the months of December and January still experience plenty of recruiting excitement. College coaches use these months to bring in their remaining targets for official visits.

The article reiterates that if you are an underclassmen looking to play in college the time to start is now!  If you are a senior, without official visits set up, it is definitely time to start focusing on contacting coaches at other levels.  NCSA can help jump start your efforts with our Verified Scouting Reports.  Get Started Today!

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  • That just gave me a reality check . As a junior I should be putting myself out there in some kinfd of way getting myself known. I can’t always rely on my coaches.