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Athletic Scholarship Package?

It sounds like a dream story for high school teammates; The college team down the street that they grew up rooting offers a trio of close friends athletic scholarships.  The trio goes on to 4 years of dominating the competition while earning degrees.  Unfortunately, the story doesn’t always play out that way.

A trio of teammates from Seminole high in Florida are all set to play in next month’s Under Armour All-Star Game where they will announce their college decisions.  Several schools hope to land the talented package of Ray Ray Armstrong, Andre Debose and Dyron Dye but Miami appears to have the best chance.

However, while the lure of playing in college with your high school teammates appears like a dream come true, I would urge any athlete in this situation to make an individual decision.  Scouts Inc. Recruiting Coordinator Craig Haubert on why the decision is so difficult:

Every year there are talented teammates who aspire to go to the same college. Sometimes it happens — look at the host of Miami Northwestern players who all ended up at Miami last year, but often it does not. It is understandable that high school teammates and buddies would dream about playing ball together in college, but that is not always ideal. Often when push comes to shove, teammates who talked about trying to play together part ways. Usually, prospects come to the realization that they need to do what is best for them. Not every program is right for every kid even if they are friends or from the same high school.

He is right on the money describing the importance of choosing the right school.  Every athlete is making an athletic AND academic decision that will impact the rest of their lives.  Basing such an important decision on any factor other than your own judgement could prove to be a life altering mistake.

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