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The Academic BCS and Recruiting

For the second stright year the Higher Ed Watch has developed its own BCS rankings to point out the discrepancy in graduating athletes and some of the nation’s top football programs. 

Only 55 percent of Division I-A football players leave college in six years with a degree — and that number drops precipitously at most big-time programs that solely focus on counting Ws and Ls instead of As and Bs. It also doesn’t take into account the poor quality of the education many are receiving to begin with. Jock majors don’t provide job-ready skills.

Teams like Boston College and Northwestern show that it is possible to field a competitive team with true student-athletes.

I greatly encourage every potential recruit to thoroughly investigate the acadmeic report on any program they are considering.  Playing in front of huge crowds and dreaming of your name on scoreboard can be enticing, but a real meaningful degree will mean a lot more.

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Aaron Sorenson