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A New Recruiting Tool?

Last week, we featured an article that discussed how admissions offices are taking a page from the athletic departments in their recruiting methods.  Well, this week, an article in The Gazette out of Iowa, discusses a tool that admissions officers at Cornell College are using that might be beneficial for college coaches as they recruit prospects nationwide.

“Cornell is one of few colleges or universities in Iowa using the webcam technology for admission interviews. The technology allows the college and prospective students to tighten travel budgets while maintaining the process of initial interviews.”

This creative use of technology seems to have streamlined the admissions process for Cornell.

“It also means Cornell, which gets about 3,500 applications each year for 370 new-student slots, can conduct more interviews with interested students, who more often in this economy wait to make campus visits until after they get accepted to schools, Stroud said.”

Basically, the webcam has made recruiting students to Cornell cheaper and easier.  Is there any other sort of process that would be able to utilize this efficient use of resources?  How about the athletic recruiting process?

I am confident that some college coaches have explored the option of incorporating webcams into their recruiting efforts, but to what extent, I have no idea.  However, I can guarantee that if other admissions offices find this tool as advantageous as Cornell already has, it will not be long before plenty of athletic departments are following the trend.

How do you think the webcam technology could help recruits and college coaches develop relationships?  Darrell Aaron, the Cornell Assistant Director of Admissions of Cornell seems to think it really helps him connect with the potential student he is interviewing and vice versa, “Students can really tell if you’re being fake,” he said. “I’m goofy, I like to make jokes. This way they can see your expression.”

Given the various returns that both sides might see from the use of a webcam, I think it has the potential to be a new recruiting tool with staying power.  What do you think?

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