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The Top High School Athletic Programs in America

NCSA would like to salute the Top Athletic Programs in each state and the district as named by Sports Illustrated.  These schools have consistently produced top athletes that have gone on to play collegiality and had great team success.

Hats off to these incredible schools and their success, but what about the athletes that go to smaller schools far off the national radar?  It can take a lot of effort for those athletes to get recognized by college coaches, but it is NOT impossible.  Many athletes just need to take the extra time and effort to promote themselves to college coaches.

State, School
Alabama, Leeds H.S.
Alaska, Dimond H.S.
Arizona, Hamilton H.S.
Arkansas, Fayetteville H.S.
California, Archbishop Mitty H.S.
Colorado, Regis Jesuit H.S.
Connecticut, St. Joseph H.S.
Delaware, St. Marks H.S.
Florida, St. Thomas Aquinas H.S.
Georgia, Collins Hill H.S.
Hawaii, Punahou H.S.
Idaho, Highland H.S.
Illinois, Central H.S.
Indiana, Ben Davis H.S.
Iowa, Ames H.S.
Kansas, St. Marys H.S.
Kentucky, St. Xavier H.S.
Louisiana, John Curtis H.S.
Maine, Camden Hills Regional H.S.
Maryland, DeMatha H.S.
Massachusetts, South H.S.
Michigan, Muskegon H.S.
Minnesota, Eden Prairie H.S.
Mississippi, Sumrall H.S.
Missouri, Rockhurst H.S.
Montana, West H.S.
Nebraska, Millard West H.S.
Nevada, Bishop Gorman H.S.
New Hampshire, Salem H.S.
New Jersey, Don Bosco Prep H.S.
New Mexico, La Cueva H.S.
New York, St. Anthony H.S.
North Carolina, North Davidson H.S.
North Dakota, Bismarck H.S.
Ohio, St. Ignatius H.S.
Oklahoma, Union H.S.
Oregon, Jesuit H.S.
Pennsylvania, Neumann-Goretti H.S.
Rhode Island, Bishop Hendricken H.S.
South Carolina, Bishop England H.S.
South Dakota, Lincoln H.S.
Tennessee, Hillsboro H.S.
Texas, The Woodlands H.S.
Utah, Lone Peak H.S.
Vermont, Hartford H.S.
Virginia, George Mason H.S.
Washington, Skyline H.S.
Washington, D.C. Gonzaga H.S.
West Virginia, Charleston Catholic H.S.
Wisconsin, Arrowhead H.S.
Wyoming, Southeast H.S.

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Aaron Sorenson


  • I have never heard of many of these high schools in California, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah….I wonder how they got ranked?

  • From NJ, not sure how you came up with Don Bosco but if you check, Hunterdon Central Reg. H.S. beat out DB 2x in the past 2 yrs. for State Chamionship in Baseball. Maybe it is time to take another look. Hunterdon Central 2 time STATE CHAMPS and rated 15 in the nation for Baseball .Also in the past few years have excelled in numerous sports. Definetly time to take another look.

  • I wonder how many of these schools on the list are private? Looks to me a great number. How succesful athletic programs are in a given year/s are largely dependent on the athletes attending the school at that time. These private schools can get the “cream of the crop” since they recruit their student athletes. Otherwise it usual seems to be a “lucky” break when several great athletes are together on the same team. What we found most succesful in our son’s recruitment to the Naval Academy Basketball program was having his NCSA profile in addition to getting him to high profile camps and AAU tournaments. He was being “followed” since summer after his 9th grade year after being seen at a camp in NJ. He attended a AA public high school. It can happen…gotta be in the right place at the right time!

  • Surprised at the choice for Tennessee. Alcoa High School is a five time state champion in Tennessee, setting a state record for consecutive wins.

  • I am so tired of everyone on St. Thomas Aquainas’s jock. Wont you check out the team who they can never beat…the team with 7 state championships in the last 8 years, Dillard High School….LETS GO PANTHERS

  • So I’m reading this to mean that Sports Illustrated didn’t rank the high school just on “winning programs”; rather they looked at which HS programs produced athletes who have performed well at the collegiate level. That’s a very interesting distinction.

  • You guys do know that NCSA did not come up with this list. SI did, so why would you ask why they put a certain school on the list and then name your favorite little school from that state?

  • I understand you guys didn’t put this out, but really, to have Collins Hill ranked coming out of Ga. sounds a lil’ off to me. If you guys have any kind of influence, tell SI they need to run through the state of Ga. again. We have plenty of high schools large and small that would murder Collins Hill. SI is really tripping right about now, I just lost a lil’ respect for them.

  • Regis Jesuit #1 in Colorado?? You gotta be kiddin me they barely in the top 10 of schools with in a 10 mile radius of them. Whether judging on Top Athletic programs currently, of all time, or of how many Collegiate athletes produced. they aren’t even in the conversation.This choice is utterly ridiculous!!!

  • Every tme i read these articles, i see the same responses, showing dismay at how information comes about. I use these articles for what they are meant to do. I show them to my son, tell him He, his team, or his school are nowhere on the map. This motivates him to push himself harder to keep his goal within reach. Quit with the complaining and take this for what it is. PERTINENT INFORMATION to get your child to the next level.

  • you got to be kidding me,there are much better school in georgia and florida for that matter

  • Seriously????Billings west is not the best out of MT….Capital Has won the last 3 State titles for football and beat West in two of them…..Some one needs to relook this my man

  • This is for all of the people who keep on talking about schools that have beaten schools on the list in football and wondering why they aren’t on the list. This list i’m guessing takes into account much more than the football program at each school. For instance, while Arrowhead H.S. in Wisconsin is a good school for football, there incredible boys and girls swimming programs most likely put them over the edge for the top in Wisconsin. Football isn’t the only sport that Sports Illustrated cares about.

  • Woodlands,TX, are you kidding me?Are we talking best athletes or most richest parents, because they might win that.Brock, TX is a 2-A basketball school that has won 4 state championships (girls alone) this decade, 7 overall. They also won softball state championship and had 2 state champions in track. Woodlands aint won squat!

  • im from michigan, and i do not understand how muskegon was given the top athletic program in the state of michigan. The only sport that i know they have won a state chanpionchip in is football 2 years ago. although i am happy to see a public school up there rather then a private school. But the best athletic program would have to be cranbrook-kingswood, Birmingham Brother Rice,Detroit CC, but most of all East Grand Rapids high school. EGR’sbeen a power house in every male high school sport about. They dont get the credit they diserve as the real top high school in michigan

  • I would like to just say ben is a moron, because last year alone Regis Jesuit want state in boys tennis, both boys a girls basketball, oh wait they also won state in hockey for the second year in a row, our boys soccer team also made it to the state championship and or lax team to the semi’s. So may be ben you should do a little research prior to making false statements!

  • mary ann,

    don bosco prep won the state championship last year in baseball and was ranked the best baseball team in the entire country by USA Today so you might want to recheck your facts. Don Bosco is nearly just as good in every other sport especially football where it has so little competition in NJ that it has traveled to Ohio to face St.Xavier and beat De La Salle in California on a nationally televised game. This year they are facing De La Salle at home and are going down to Alabama. The list of athletes that have gone pro from Don Bosco may be larger than any other school in the country and will extend as many players from the state championship winning team from 2 years ago are on their way to the pros including Steven Proscia and Mike Denhardt, both of whom were drafted out of high school. Ryan Grant from the Packers also went to Don Bosco. Everyone in the state of New Jersey knows that Don Bosco is by far the supreme sports powerhouse in the state and in the top 10 in the nation

  • I really don’t understand this….why isn’t long beach poly on there do you guys seem to forget poly produces the most NFL players in the world an is known nationaly and girls basketball. Also track and field both boys and girls.