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How to Get Recruited

Q: How do I get noticed by college coaches?

A: There are five things you must do to get recruited. An athlete has to:

1. Get Evaluated: Coaches don’t have time to look at every player so they have to rely on credible sources to get their information.

2. Post your academic/athletic resume online: This is a fast and easy way to get connected with coaches.

3. Create a winning highlight/skills video: Again, coaches can’t personally look at every recruit so they need a way to see your talents.

4. Contact coaches: They can’t recruit you if they don’t know who you are!

5. Start building relationships and following up with coaches now: The recruiting process started yesterday! With how competitive recruiting has become, athletes need to start building relationships with coaches as early as junior high.

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  • im just a beginner with ncsa it sounds so great but i really hope i get recognized im going to work hard to follow my dream…

  • I am just a beginner myself and I am trying very hard to reach my dreams in becoming a professional football player. First, I will like the opportunity to receive a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the united states and that is my goal.

  • I’m only 16 & im really good at track and i hope i will be able to get a scholarship so i can go to college and i hope NCSA will help me as well

  • I am about 18 years old and the sport that i am really great at all the time is football and the positon is cornerback and I have two D-1 offers from ohio and minnesota and hopefully get more

  • First off I just would like to say that NCSA is the greatest and I just love the way that they are helping me with my recruitment. They coach me up and tell me everything that I need to know and do in order to get myself ready for the next level. So if the question is “How to get recruited”? I think we all know how to, and that is through NCSA!

  • im goin into my second year at Junior College to finish playing there. and i was hopeing that ill be notice by D-2s or D-3 schools because i want an opportunity to be coached and the type of a player that coaches would want on the team because i am coachable. and i never had that in high i hope some body will look at me..

  • Is wondering is this includes Basketball cuz im in south africa and am desprite get exposed to the real Basketball out there.. I hve ma school and provincial cloures fr Basketball– pls help Yes i do hve face book that can also help

  • i was disappointed when i went to sign up, my highschool wasn’t on the list. so now what am i supposed to do, out of my highschool soccer team i’m one of the few who can actually play really well.

  • i am andre smiley and i play for william Chrisman high school i am in the 12 grade
    am i am good at playing basketball im a team player i make 18 points almost every game i want to go to a D-2 college so can u help me

  • if im at a nationally recognized school(clovis west in fresno,ca) but im a jr on a jv it still possible to get a scholarship?

  • Jason – Who knows? Not enough information. What sport? What are your grades and test scores? What do you want to major in? A nationally recognized high school doesn’t help or hurt your chances of getting a college scholarship. Grades, test scores, athletic ability, character, your commitment to hard work, and many other factors determine scholarships. Not the reputation of your high school.

  • Im a Junior in highschool and Im a third year volleyball player ,
    and involved in track & field. I am JV Captian of the volleyball team and starting varsity, next year I will be Varsity captian .Im a great athelete and very talented, and hardworking all around, Im just looking for a really good college willing to help me out with scholarships.
    Im an A, B honor roll student also, im planning on majoring in Political science & buisness and then transfering to a good law school.
    Im willing to do all it takes to get noticed by your scouts.

  • I’m a freshman at Texarkana Community College in Texarkana Texas. but i have just enough talent on and off the basketball court. I’m just looking for a way to get noticed. I have no highlights or anything like that from high school, but i’m a good player. If a recruit read this please contact me by e-mailing if you are interested.

  • Hello, i have Literally been stressing completely over being recruited to play college volleyball. i Even have my own webite on i am 5’8 weighing about 155 pounds and i am an Outside hitter/ Middle Blocker. I play very well, and GPA is a 4.0 average; i am in a junior year and i am very nervous because my school is in an urban community and my school is not that big although my team is very good our record so far is 20-1. However i am very concern’ PLEASE if i can get any adviceee or help… Contact me!.

  • Dear Keith; thank you very much for your time and advice; i have recently signed up for an evaluation and i still havent recieved any type of feed back and it’s been a while since i made the page. Any advice on what i must do to get evaluted faster?

  • Anabelle – make sure your parent/guardian calls in to schedule the evaluation. They can call toll free at: (866)579-6272. That will get things moving quickly!

  • Hi, My name is Brittnie Houston, I’m 17 years old in the 12th Grade and attend worthing high school. I am a athlete that plays volleyball, basketball, and softball. i am trying and working hard for an scholarship. My grades are looking well known good for college for me to play sports. My rank number is #40 out of 223. I really hope to hear someone with good news.Bye!!!

  • I’m a dedicated goalie, I’ve been playing since I was 6. I’ve played on several Premier teams so I was able to get a variety of training from different coaches & I’m so excited that I found this web site, I’ve already been in touch with the NCSA. I’m in process of filling out all the information that the recruiters need. Keeping the faith that their is a college who needs my spirit! Thank you for your guidance, Be Recruited it’s wonderful for those of us from small towns.

  • im a sophmore in highschool and i work my butt off to get good grades and i work twice as hard to be good at discus. who would talk to me about discus and how to talk to the UW madison discus coach and talk to him bout how i can be better and get a scholarship. right now im the 2nd best sophmore in the state and i plan on placing in the top 3 in state for D-3 discus throwing this year last year as a freshman my best throw was a 130 is that good enough to get noticed

  • Josh – To get noticed by the UW – Madison coach, you’ll need to throw 170′ (See here: the NCSA website) Keep working hard to get there. Good luck!

  • ok thanks im pretty sure i can do taht cause ive takin this season of basketball off to get ready and im about 6,3 220 is that a good weight or should i be heavier

  • My son is a senior in high school. He was never able to make the team at his high school. Due to butget cuts in our town the school distirct combined both high school teams into only one team which made it very difficult in a district of over 5,000. My son is wanting to know if it is possible to still play college basketball. Is he better off going to a community college to play or finding a division II school to go a play? He still plays community basketball at the local YMCA and will play AAU once he finds a team in Illinois to play for. What community colleges in the US are the best ones to go to for basketball? What Division II schools actually have tryouts for players to try to make the team?

  • Im a freshman in college and want to play college football is this still possible since i never played in highschool but know i could do great if i just get a chance ?

  • Alan – Concentrate on getting your degree. Unless you’re exceptionally big, exceptionally fast, or exceptionally strong, and preferably all 3, chances are you won’t be given that chance. What’s your height, weight, 40 time, and max bench press? Let me know those and I’ll let you know if a college coach may be interested in giving you a chance. You could still get cut, though, if you have bad technique.

  • Hi! I am a junior in high school and I am swimmer, however I do not swim for my high school because of issues with the coach. Will the effect my ability to get into college for swimming? Also I am interested in swimming for University of Incarnate Word however I do not know what to do first. I was thinking since I am not close to being in the fastest group of swimmers for my age (I would say I am average) I was going to just send a simple email to the coach asking about the team, their average times, and what I would need to get on the team. Does this sound like a good idea??
    An advice would be great!!

  • Katherine – To answer your first question, it depends. Some coaches would perceive that as a ‘red flag’. Some won’t if you swim fast enough times. You can research the U. of Incarnate Word swim team on line and find out what times their swimmers are swimming. So it may not be a good idea to ask a coach that when you can look it up yourself. To see if you are in the ball park of swimming competitive times, go here: the NCSA website. Compare your times to the ones on the chart. Good luck!

  • That is a great point about not asking the times when I could look them up myself! Never thought about that. I compared my times and in free and fly (my two strong strokes) I am very close (my goal times for this season around those times) So if this is the case, do you have any suggestions about what I should ask the coach or write about in my first email to him? I am just not too sure what to do to get started?? (after making like an online profile or getting evaluated that is)

  • Katherine – It’s probably best that you use a trusted, third-party source to introduce you to college coaches. Depending on the sport, college coaches are inundated with emails from student-athletes who want to compete for them. Since the information is not verified, what do you think college coaches do with those emails? (If you guessed, “they hit the delete button”, you’re right!)
    So if you need help with that, go here:
    Good luck!

  • Ok that is another true point! There is obviously so many things I do not know about this process 🙁 Who would this third party person be? And what would they be doing? Emailing the coach telling them I want to swim for their team and my times?
    Thank you so much for all of your help!! I really appreciate it

  • Katherine – NCSA is a third party source. Have your parents fill out the form in the link in my previous comment to find out more. Good luck!

  • Hi im justice norris im sixteen years old and a junior in high school i have been playing soccer for the last thirteen years of my life and am looking to play in college my grades are high and im really good at soccer. unfortuneatly my high school doesn’t have a soccer team but i play select soccer for a club team and im wondering ho to get looked at for college?? can you help me out please
    My fourty is 4.6/ 4.5 i weigh 158 and im six foot if any of that helps and im a forward

  • Hi Keith , my name is Angelo Guerra and I am a junior at Cardinal Ritter HIgh School in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have been playing football since 7th grade and love every minute of it. Our school is a small 2A school. My 40 time is 4.8 and I plan on running track this spring to improve, my max bench is 285 lbs. I am 6ft 1in and 230 lbs. My current positions are Full back and Middle linebacker. I have a strong desire to play college football and plan on majoring in exercise science to pursue a career in coaching. With only one season left am I starting too late for any recruitment prospects and do you think my numbers are any good? Thank you.

  • Hi Keith. I’m not really sure how this whole recruiting process works, but I was wondering if it was too late for my boyfriend to get a chance to play college football. Right now he is a freshman in college and still has the passion and motivation to play football he was even going to walk on at his school but missed the walk on try out by one day. He’s played football most of his life since he was younger, he played in junior leagues and also played four years in high school. He played on the freshman team his first year and got moved up his sophomore year to varsity. He was the team captain there and was also known as their star player. He played his first three years at his old high school and transferred to mine his senior year where he wasn’t given all the credit he deserved because the coaches already had their favorites picked out. Also our coaches don’t really help with the recruitment process because so many talented players come out of our school not being looked at all. He plays wide receiver and defensive back or corner back and is 6’0. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help him out so he can fulfill his love of football. Thank you, Desiree

  • Hi Desiree – You’ve provided a lot of great information, but I have more questions. These are: 1) How are his grades this year? 2) What has he been doing to maintain his athletic skills? 3) How open is he to looking in every part of the country? 4) Is he looking for financial aid? 5) Does he have video? You don’t have to answer these in public like this. The amount of help NCSA could provide, if any, would depend on those answers. The next step is to have his mom, dad, or guardian contact NCSA at 866-579-6272 and schedule an appointment with a National Scout. After finding out more, that scout will let him know if it’s possible for him to fulfill his dream and what help is available. Good luck!

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  • Hey I’m a 5″8′ 125 lb 8th grader. I play Basketball very competatively. My dream is to play at a D-1 college but I’m not really known around my area. My traveling team is really bad but I’m really good, 15 ppg 6 apg and 3 rpg. I’m only in 8th grade and I practice 2-3 Hours a day. How can I get big schools to get to know me besides a mix tape and camps?? Thanks!!

  • Im 26 years old. And due to family problems when I was in grade 10, i had to live on my own and kind of push off soccer to the side. I remember that my team was going to play in a tournament where University coaches were going to be present and my ex mom didn’t let me play because i fought with my brother. She basically cut my wings that day!! Anyways I knew I had potential back , and are 100 % sure that I would have gotten a 4 year scholarship on soccer if that crap wouldnt have happenend. I have been away from soccer a while but play with guys pick up soccer. I know that it seems dim for me at the moment to even want to play in “college but that has been my dream. HEY Do you think Its too late or what. I have tried out for some A divisions and they have told me that because I have been away from soccer that i should play to a lower level. KiNDERGARDEN????To be honest they dont want me because I havent played Univestity soccer. I think that Im good but they are looking for university experience. My stamina is weak nut I know how to work at that. I;ve done it before.HELPPPPP

  • Jack – You need to see if playing D-1 basketball is realistic for you. You can do that by having your parents/guardians call 866-579-6272 to schedule a meeting with a national scout. Good luck.

  • Claudia – It’s not too late in your case, if you haven’t taken any college courses on a full time basis yet. If you have and that happened when you were 18, it is too late for D1 colleges. Your eligibity clock started running then and you have 5 years to complete your 4 years of eligibity. There are different rules for Juco, D3, D2, and NAIA college/universities. Depending on where you live, you should probably pursue college soccer at the Juco level so you can build up your stamina. Chances are you’d be a walk-on, so there won’t be any scholarship money. If you have other questions, you should schedule an appointment with a national scout at 866-579-6272. Good luck!!

  • I’m a sophomore in highschool and I have no idea when I am suppose to try to get colleges to notice me. I am in track and I throw discus. This year my p.r. is 126′ 2″. I have no coach in throwing and have been told that I have a lot more talent that has not yet been brought out in me. I was wondering what I should do and when I should do it.

  • I feel I just have been informed about this topic
    at job 1 day ago by a colleague, but at that time
    it didn’t caugh my attention.

  • Im about to be a senior in high school and i dont think i have any colleges looking at me and i have been working hard i lead my team in reciving yards last year and planing on sending my tapes in and i don’t know how to i attend westphiladelphia high school and we don’t no recruiting there so im trying my best to get looked at i need this to happen please help me on my way to college.

  • have you attended any combines in your area? – that would be the 1st place for exposure.
    put together a highlight video- start contacting schools have your parents or someone help you fill out the school recruiting questionnaire.

    Good Luck…. be diligent…

  • I an 15 yrs old and on a showcase team. i am a pitcher and play 1st base. My fastball was clocked at 89 mph this past weekend at a showcase at JMU. I am a rising 10th grader this year, and my dad and I want to start marketing me. We noticed not to many scouts in the stands this weekend. How do I get the scouts to come out and see me?

  • Cannon22 – Most college baseball coaches have a very small recruiting budget, so they don’t travel all over the country attending hundreds of showcases to “discover” talent. They don’t have the money to do that. You have to make yourself known to them. College coaches rely on trusted third-party sources to find out about kids. NCSA has worked with college coaches for over 10 years so they trust NCSA. Your next step is for your dad to set up a meeting with a national scout to determine what kinds of college programs you could be qualified for. To do that call: 866-579-6272. Good luck!

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  • I started playing basketball my 10th grade year for the first time in my life. At first I road the bench alot but close to the end of my jv team I was starting. Now as a senior i am going into my last highschool year and I might be starting varsity. What divison do you think I should go into? Or should I play for a community college?

  • Hello my name is Jonathan Smith,

    I am currently going to Bellarmine Jefferson HS located in Burbank Ca
    I play basketball on the varsity team and my position is ( point guard, shooting guard.) i am a junior at this time…….. thankyou

  • Hello my name is Jonathan Smith,

    I am currently going to Bellarmine Jefferson HS located in Burbank Ca
    I play basketball on the varsity team and my position is ( point guard, shooting guard.) i am a junior at this time. my email is ”

  • Okay, now to keep my message very brief, I have not been in competitive sports since high school which I graduated in 06, I’ve just done a bit recreational sports, pick-up games, lifting and running to stay in shape, and practice all sports in case I do happen to play in college before I get too old. I can’t find any travel teams beyond rec. outside of college for my age, is there anyway, I can be recruited by college scouts, for Juco, NAIA, NCAA D-III, or NCAA D-II? I am 24 years old, and am considering going to school by this upcoming fall, or next fall. e-mail address is

    Thank You

  • Is there any way I can get on a roster of any college athletic team?, I”ve been playing recreational, pick-up games, and working out to stay in shape frequently the past 5 or 6 years. Incase I do get to do college athletics before age creeps up on me, and can’t excell any longer. Is there any way I can get noticed by any college scouts, when playing basketball, soccer, ice hockey (ACHA), Cross Country/Track and Field?

  • My doughtier is just a freshmen in high school but she made the varsity team she avg. 3pt and 3 rb per game so far this year playing only 4-5 min per game in JV she avg (14pt) (14rb) (4blk) (3ast) and (3st) per game and she never go’s out of a JV game as a freshmen her coach says she is a special player and dose not want to rusher her
    What can i do and her to help her get noticed