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Take Advantage of the Fall Season for Spring Sports

Recruiting is a 365 day process year in and year out. If you graduate in the spring of 2010 and think the process does not start until your senior, spring season you are already way behind (the recruiting process really begins as soon as high school classes begin, to learn more click here).

Many college baseball programs scrimmage in the fall against themselves and some teams play against other colleges for a fall season. This is a good time for a coach to see what he has to work with for the spring season. It is also a great time for a student-athlete to go see the team play and/or practice.

It is important to see as many colleges play as possible and the fall season is a great time to do this. If there is a team you are communicating with on a regular basis it is time to set up a visit and there is no better time than when you can see them practice or play.

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Aaron Sorenson